Notes on VAT reduction to 16%

Dear Customers,

as you may have heard already, the German government wants to reduce the VAT from 19% to 16% for (at the moment) half a year, starting in July.

We have decided to pass this reduction on to you 100%!

If this proposal becomes law as planned, this means for you that on July 1st, we will recalculate all product prices on our website with 16% VAT based on our net prices. For the above-mentioned period, this results in correspondingly "crooked" gross prices - the advantage of the VAT reduction is clearly visible in this way.

We ask for your understanding if you may still find older price lists or see product prices in texts or PDFs which still are calculated with 19% VAT.

The reduction of the VAT to 16% applies to all Baader and Celestron products as well as to our other trademarks – as far as they are available or can be delivered within the validity period. For products with a longer delivery time we will inform you accordingly.
This reduction is only relevant for you if you order from our webshop and live in one of the European countries where we offer direct-shipment. If you order from one of our international distribitutors, this will not affect you - they are only affected by their local VAT, as they pay netto-prices for the goods we export to them

Please also note the following

In addition to the change of VAT, our business year ends at the end of June, and we have to take our inventory – during this time, we cannot process any orders. In order to avoid orders at the old VAT rate, which may be processed only in July, we will not accept any orders via our online shop from June 26th in the afternoon up to and including June 30th. The checkout function on our website will be unavailable during this period, so no advance invoices will be issued that are unfavourable for you.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to supplying you with 16% VAT from July 1st.

Your Baader Web Team.

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