New products May 2022

New Baader f/3 Ultra-Highspeed Filter-Category 3.5 nm / 4 nm

In addition to a lot of positive feedback after the introduction of our new CMOS-optimized filter families, however, there were also complaints about insufficient signal and resulting halos. After a thorough examination of the situation, we have now been able to identify and narrow down the problem.

We have used the last few weeks to explain the requirements for the Preshift of Highspeed-Filters for the first time in form of a detailed, 24-page White Paper (at the moment in German only), and we have re-categorized all Ultra-Highspeed narrowband filters, so that you can more easily identify the right filters. The previous 3.5 / 4nm Ultra-Highspeed filters (which were advertised as having an operating range of f/3.4 to f/1.8), are now split into two categories:

  • f/2 Ultra-Highspeed Filter, exclusively for aperture ratios smaller than f/2.3
  • NEW: f/3 Ultra-Highspeed Filter, exclusively for aperture ratios from f/2.3 to f/3.4 (new SKUs, images and texts in this newsletter)

More informaiton about Preshift and our new f/3 filters

IMP85 Adapter to IR90 Focuser Short (20mm)

IMP85 Adapter S120 auf PlaneWave SecureFit

IMP85 Adapter to PlaneWave SecureFit (#2451317 , € 185,-)

IMP85 Adapter to PlaneWave SecureFit

  • Camera-side adapter to accommodate PlaneWave SecureFit camera adapters for the Instrument Multi Port IMP85 (#2451300 , € 7950,-)
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany
  • Connections on telescope side: Securefit bolt circle 4x N10 bolt circle D104.8
  • Black anodized
  • Optical length: 0.5 mm
  • Inner and outer diameter: D85i/ D120a

Baader UFC S70 / M54(f) Telescope-Adapter (optical height: 1.5 mm)

  • Baader UFC S70 / M54 (f) Adapter
  • Telescope-sided with M54 x 0,75 inner thread
  • Camera-sided with S70 dovetail
  • Can be adapted via the S70 dovetail to the  as well as to UFC extensions

Baader UFC-Case, 3D-printed

  • Baader UFC-Case, 3D-gedruckt

    Baader UFC-Case, 3D-printed (#2459195 , € 75,-)

    • UFC-Case for filter sliders with mounted filter
    • Storage box with hinged lid holds all UFC filter sliders
    • STL files for free download are available under TAB DOWNLOADS. You only need to login with your customer account or register on our website.
      Please note:  The download file is licensed under the Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. You may pass on the file under Attribution © Baader Planetarium GmbH as well as linking the license and indicating any changes. The file may not be used for commercial purposes. If the file is changed, it must be redistributed under the same license.

Wide-T-Ring for Leica, Sigma, Panasonic-L with D52i to T-2 and S52

  • Baader Wide-T-Ring to connect Leica, Sigma, Panasonic-L cameras on the Astro T-2 system
  • All Baader Wide-T-rings have an S52 dovetail in addition to the inserted T-2 ring. This allows the T-ring to be modified to an M48 female thread using the Reducing piece S52 / M48 (#2958552 , € 36,-) or to use the 2" / S52 Nosepiece (#2958551 , € 41,-) without the T-2 reduction. With the S52 / M68 adapter # 2458252, the Wide-T-Ring can be directly attached to an M68 male thread to securely fasten your camera to the widest possible aperture.
  • All Baader Wide T-rings can be directly adapted to an UFC (Universal Filter Changer) with the optional Baader S52 dovetail Camera-Adapter for Wide-T-rings (optical height: 2 mm) (#2459119 , € 30,-) , in order to change different filter sizes directly in front of the camera sensor.
  • Furthermore, the illumination of the camera chips improved significantly, mainly because of the larger clear aperture.
  • On the camera side: Leica, Sigma, Panasonic L-Mount
  • Telescope side: S52 dovetail clamp incl. S52/T-2 internal thread with 0.75mm pitch

QHY533 M/C CMOS Camera

  • Cooled CMOS camera with Back Side Illumintad technology with Sony sensor 533M/C
  • Sensor format, square, 3003 x 3003 pixels
  • Sensor size 12, x 12.3 mm, diagonal 15.9 mm Pixel size 3.76 µm
  • Quantum efficiency over 90% at 450 nanometers (monochrome sensor)
  • Exposure times up to 3600 seconds
  • Full well capacity 58 ke-
  • Readout noise 1.3e- to 3.4 e-
  • Dark current 0.0005 e-/pixel/sec at - 20 degrees
  • AD conversion 14 bit
  • Interface USB 3 High Speed
  • Maximum frame rate 27 full frames at 8 bit and 18 full frames at 14 bit, ROI possible (depending on control computer)
  • Shutter rolling shutter
  • Large internal image memory with 1 GBy DDR3
  • 2-stage TE cooling, 35 degrees below ambient at exposure times > 1 second
  • With "Anti-Noise", "Anti Amplfier Glow" and "AntiDew" technology
  • Diameter and length 90 x 107 mm (optimal for RASA and Hyperstar telescopes)
  • Backfocus at 17,5 millimeter
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