New Products May 2018

Inverter M68i / M55a

Inverter Ring M68i / M55a

Baader M68i / M55a Inverter Ring

    • Baader M55a/M68i Adapter
    • suitable for all Baader 2" mirrors (# 2456115, 2456117, 2456100) or prisms with female M55 thread (#2456120)
    • for largest aperture with 2" star diagonals and makes the adaptation of a M68 quick changer behind the star diagonal possible

Fujifilm X Bajonett T-Ring with ID52/T-2, top

Wide-T-Ring Fuji X  D52 to T-2 # 2408331

Baader T-Ring Fujifilm X with D52 to T-2

  • Baader Wide-T-Ring to connect Fuji X cameras on the Astro T-2 system
  • All Baader Wide-T-rings have an S52 dovetail in addition to the inserted T-2 ring. This allows the T-ring to be modified to an M48 female thread using the S52 / M48 adapter #2958552, or to use the S52 barrel #2958551 without the T-2 reduction. With the S52 / M68 adapter # 2458252 (coming soon), the Wide-T-Ring can be directly attached to an M68 male thread to securely fasten your camera to the widest possible aperture.
  • With the ultra-short Backfocus of only 26 mm (17.7 mm camera, 8.3 mm T-2 bayonet ring) many adaptations in combination with reducers / filter wheels are now possible for the first time. Furthermore, the illumination of the camera chips improved significantly, mainly because of the larger clear aperture.
  • On the camera side: Fuji X Bayonet, Telescope side: S52 and T-2 internal thread with 0.75mm pitch 


Changer ring M68a to M68a

Baader M68 a/i Conversion Ring # 2458194

Baader M68 a/i Conversion Ring

  • Converts an M68x1 (Zeiss) female thread in an M68x1 male thread!
  • For the operation of 2"/ M68 
Foldable Rubber Eyecup w. M43 metal thread, folded #2454655

Rubber/Metal foldable Morpheus eyecup (M43-threaded) #2454655

Rubber/Metal foldable Morpheus eyecup (M43-threaded)

  • Rubber eyecup with M43 metal thread
  • Holds absolutely tight on our Morpheus eyepieces due to the screw-on thread
  • Material: silicone rubber - no aging, no plasticizer, no embrittlement
  • Included since January 2018 with all Morpheus eyepieces.
  • With the optional M43 extension # 2954250 (also included with the Morpheus eyepieces since January 2018), the eyerest can be increased by 7.5mm
  • Fits also all other Baader eyepieces with M43 photo / video thread (Hyperion fixed focal length, Hyperion Zoom, Hyperion Aspheric)



Adapter-Reference for afocal photography and eyepiece projection

This PDF  shows the most common camera adaptations and necessary adapters for afocal photography and eyepiece projection with spotting scopes and telescopes.

The new Wide-T-Ring Fuji X #2408331 (see new product below) is added to the available T-Rings. In addition, a table with the focal lengths that can be achieved with various spotting scopes has been added.


 Manaul Alan Gee IIManual Alan Gee II Telecompressor completely updated

The f/5.9 Telecompressor for Schmidt-Cassegrains is suitable for photographic and visual use – especially with our Binoculars.

  • Connecting-options were completed,
  • Technical Data was added,
  • From now on you will find information on recommended accessories.
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