New products March 2018

Zeiss-Diascop-/Mark IV Zoom AdapterZeiss-Diascop-/Mark IV Zoom Adapter

  • M45x0.5 threaded adapter ring for shortest possible adaptation of Hyperion Universal Zoom Mark IV onto Zeiss-Diascope Spotting scopes FL 85 and FL 65
  • Clamps onto the Mark IV-Zoom with the Zoom clamping collar, threads onto the Spotter w. the Zeiss-style M45x0.5 thread
  • enables maximum gain in Backfokus when focusing on infinity - important for eye-glass wearers
  • mounts and unmounts fast and easy

Baader double-balancing plate-setBaader double-balancing plate-set

  • accepts two OTAs w. "Vixen"(Celestron/SkyWatcher asf.)-style dovetail to be precision aligned in parallel, mounted onto one balancing 3" dovetail plate.
  • overall dovetail plate length 300mm /plate width 100 mm
  • As an alternative to using the 3" dovetail, this plate may also be center-mounted with four screws onto 10Micron (GM2000) and many Astro Physics asf. Dec-heads - that use the standard distance 3.2" hole pattern. A 3/8" photo- thread is sitting straight in the middle of the plate, to allow the plate to mount onto a rigid photo-tripod as well.
  • Plate surface predrilled for Baader clamps: V-clamp #2451530; PanEQ #2451566 and #2451525, as well as Stronghold Tangent Assembly #2450310
  • The plate fits on all 3" (Losmandy-Norm) dovetail clamps. it likewise fastens onto AP plates #140 1128 (13") as well as #140 1129 (16") to mount Baader guidescope rings parallel to the main OTA and also in this way use two telescopes side by side
    Plate alternatively can serve as 3" mounting plate to hold Baader guidescope rings size #1 & #2

Scope of supply:

#1500330 – Double mounting/balancing plate 300 mm
#2451530 – V-Clamp, 70 mm, for Vixen/Celestron/Skywatcher asf.
#2450310S – Baader Stronghold Tangent assembly (black)

2" /2" Inverter RingBaader 2"/ 2" Thread-Inverter-Ring 

  • Reverses 2" (50,8mm) male into 2" female SC-thread
  • allows shortest possible rigid connection onto 2" SC-threads
  • necessary to connet the Research Grade TZ-3 Telecentric System onto an SC-Telescope
  • included in TZ-3 scope of supply

Baader Reducer-Ring 2"i / T-2a, with 1.5 mm optical lengthBaader Reducer-Ring 2"i / T-2a, with 1.5 mm optical length

  • Low profile adapter 2"i to T-2a, featuring just 1.5mm optical length
  • changes a 2" SC (50,8mm) male thread into a T-2 (M42x0.75) male thread
  • allows shortest possible rigid T-2 adaptation onto any 2"SC-thread. Ideal to mount a T-2 (Zeiss-norm) TQC/TCR HeavyDuty Quick-Changer-System #2456322
  • as option for a rotatable SC/T-2 connection we recommend #2958500B SC/HD Ultrashort T-Adapter, featuring 7mm optical length

Baader Bino-Stronghold Binocular-HolderBaader Bino-Stronghold Binocular-Holder

  • Robust and torsion-resistant binocular holder (L-shaped tripod adapter) made of 4 mm thick steel (no plastic, no aluminum)
  • In contrast to many L-shaped bino-holders which are made from less rigid materials, the Bino-Stronghold enables the jitter-free mounting of binoculars (with ¼" thread in the binocular bridge) onto any tripod equipped w. ¼" photo-thread
  • The "Stronghold" steel binocular-holder has a particularly slim design to accommodate small interpupillary distance for any binocular. Other "L-brackets" made of aluminum are much too bulky to allow the binocular to fold down and reach the innermost 10 mm of pupil spacing
  • Excellent in combination with the SkySurfer III red dot finder, as well as e.g. the Celestron SkyMaster 15x70 binocular

3D druckbare Box für UFC FilterschieberFree Download: 3D-printable UFC-case for Filter-Sliders

You are the owner of one or more UFC filter sliders and are looking for a way to safely store the filter sliders with mounted filter? Then we have the solution for you: our 3D-printable UFC-case for UFC filter sliders. This box with hinged lid holds all UFC filter sliders. We offer you the STL files (consisting of two parts) as free download, you only need to login with your customer account or register on our website.


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