New products Juli 2020

Baader OTP II universal Outdoor Telescope Power Supply 12.8V / 1.5A 19W with elbowed plug and plugs for EU, GB and USABaader OTP II Outdoor Telescope Power Switch 12,8V / 1,5A 19W with elbowed plus

  • Made for outdoor use at cold temperatures
  • Interchangeable EU/US/UK wall plug included
  • Output 12.8V DC/ 1.5 Amp (19 Watt), large power reserve even when cold - usable in temperatures from -25°C up to 40°C
  • 2.5m (8.25') telescope cord incl. reverse polarity protected, elbowed protective-disconnect plug 5.5mm / 2.1mm
  • Not waterproof IP40
  • Successor model of the previous 19W Outdoor Power Supply #2457610 (discontinued).

Dovetail V 495mm, black, for Celestron RASA 8 OTA

V-Dovetail, 495 mm for Celestron RASA 8"

  • V-Dovetail for Celestron RASA 8" optical tube, length = 495mm
  • Aluminium body provides a sturdy platform for accessories
  • Connects on the top of the Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph 8" to attach accessories to the optical tube
  • Installs easily into the existing holes of the RASA 8" and is fastened with the screws that are included in the delivery of the RASA 8"

Reducing ring M48a/T-2aReducing ring M48a/T-2a

  • Changer / Reducing Ring M48 to T-2 with M48 male thread
  • Changes the M48 female thread of a adapter into a T-2 male thread
  • Can be used to combine T-Rings with M48 male  threads with accessories with T-2 male thread
  • Made of hardened, stainless steel
  • This conversion ring is also part of Baader FlipMirror II Star Diagonal (#2458055 , € 228,-)

Conversion Ring M48a/M48aConversion Ring M48a/M48a

  • Converts an M48 (Zeiss) female thread in an M48 male thread
  • Made of hardened, stainless steel
  • This adapter is included in the scope of delivery of the Baader FlipMirror II Star Diagonal (#2458055 , € 228,-)
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