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UPDATE 09.12.2016

ufc-dslr-sp54_camera-adaptation_300Just in time for christmas we have added a few more products to our Online-Shop. Our Highlight of course is still our UFC-System, which is available since about a week and was featured in this Blog-Post.

But we also can offer a "classic product" once more. For a limited time the Carl Zeiss 1¼" Abbe Barlow lense 2x is available again!

  • Carl Zeiss 1¼" Abbe Barlow lens with T-2 thread made in Germany by Carl Zeiss in Jena – with 1¼" / T-2 ClickLock eyepiece clamp by Baader Planetarium
  • visual Barlow lens and photographic eyepiece projection in one system
  • Direct T-2 Adaption possible - extends magnification up to 3x - without loss of quality
  • The image quality is only exceeded by our 4x-8x flat field FFC-Converter, in case the projection factor exceeds 4x

Spectral transmission curve of the Zeiss Abbe Barlow

This (german) document attests to the exceptional performance of the multi-layer anti-reflection coating applied onto the new 2016 Carl Zeiss Abbe-Barlow-Lens made in Jena / Germany. Carl Zeiss has chosen to develop and apply the very best coating ever made available to the most discriminating visual observer. The coatings feature a 0.2% loss over the exact spectral region where the night-adapted human eye is most sensitive. This extremely high efficiency also translates to near-zero coating scatter for the highest contrast ever seen. No lens-system has ever been coated to more stringent requirements for visual observation and for VIS-photography as well.

Furthermore we added the following products to our line of items

  1. 2957282-95-96_bds-adapterAdapter for Diamond Steeltrack Focusers:
    A high-quality focuser is a must-have for photography and great for visual use. The Baader Diamond SteelTrack focusers feature 1:10 reduction and an optional motor drive which makes them a great alternative to the standard focusers of many telescopes. In comparison to standard Crayford or rack and pinion focusers, they have a microgeared high-precision drive system with zero backlash, zero cogging and zero flexure.
    We are working on a number of other adapters, to make it always more easy to replace your old focuser against a Baader Diamond SteelTrack.NEW: BDS-RT Adapter for Refractors with an inner diameter of 97mm (e.g. Synta, Celestron) – #2957282
    NEW: BDS-RT Adapter for Sky-Watcher M90x1 – #2957283 – Attention: long delivery-time
    NEW: BDS-RT Adapter for Sky-Watcher M90x1,5 – #2957284 – Attention: long delivery-time
    NEW: BDS-RT Adapter for Explore Scientific – #2957285 – Attention: long delivery-time
    NEW: BDS-RT Adapter for Intes Micro with D66 flange – #2957296 – Attention: long delivery-time
    NEW: BDS-SC Adapter for Meade-Telescopes with 4″-adaptation– #2957295 – Attention: long delivery-time
  2. 2954250_morpheus-hyperion-m43-erweiterung_dM43 extension:
    This spacer ring with 7,5mm optical height enables the user to increase the height eyecups in case of need, e.g. for Hyperion or Morpheus® eyepieces. Also this helps to keep any smartphone holder to firmly clamp over the exiting eye-lens. In addition multiple of these M43- rings may be added to achieve the optimum distance to your camera chip for eyepiece projection. From approx. February 2017 included in scope of supply of all Morpheus® eyepieces
  3. 2455040_coldtemp-netzwerkkabelNetwork-Cables for Outdoor Use:Network cables with ColdTemp-specified CAT-7-wire (CAT6a plug). Red jacket especially suited for observatories. This special jacket stays super-elastic and break-proof even at low temperatures. Normal network cables especially when used inside of mounts may break or get damaged because of the narrow bending radii. Because of the CAT-7-specification, the cable may also be used in conjunction with power cables with up to 230V inside of a mount over short distances, without affecting the data quality.
    Available in 5- 15- und 30 Meter length.
  4. 2958552-53_umkehrringe_dChanger ring S52/M48 and M48 / T-2:These inverter rings are also part of our Sony E/NEX T-Ring #2408317 and of the Protective Canon DSLR T-Ring #2958550. You can use them to combine T-Rings with S52 dovetail with accessories with M48 thread (2" filter-thread) or with T-2 thread. Both adapters are now available on their own.


Original News from 02.11.16:

New products – online available


The new Baader 2" Clicklock clamp M42 (T-2) in application on a mirror diagonal

Due to high demand we extended our 2" Clicklock-System by six additional eyepiece clamps (T-2, M48, S52, M54, 3.5" Feathertouch and 37mm SC-extension).


S52 barrel on Sony E-Nex adapter (#2408317)

In addition we now offer our S52 barrel – which is used since long as part of the Canon Protective EOS T-Ring – as single item. In combination with the new S52 Clicklock-clamp  (available as combo-product) this results in a 37mm 2" extension. Furthermore it can be used as 2" barrel for our Sony E-Nex T-Ring with S52 dovetail.

Also new are our extremely thin M68 spacer rings in 0,3 (black) / 0,5 (red) / 1mm (gold) as well as the M68 extension tube with 7,5mm length. The thin rings fit between all M68 threads and prevent binding between two M68 threaded parts. The 7,5mm tube extends the existing System of M68 rings/extensions.

Lastly we included a SP54 DT-Ring to M43 to our product range.

See all new products



Extreme finetuning with Baader M68 spacer rings

Hyperion Christmas Special

Year after year the Hyperion Christmas Special repeats. As in recent years, we offer chosen Hyperion-Products for a reduced price. This offer is valid from our website inside germany until January 31st , 2017 - please also check out your dealers for Hyperion Promo.

Present your astronomy-enthusiastic friends, family or yourself with one or multiple Hyperion eyepieces and safe yourself already an stargazing christmas.

See our reduced products of the Hyperion Christmas Special

Coming soon

Baader-UFC, the universal filter changer that "grows": All parts of the Baader UFC System will be available in 4-6 weeks –  just in time before christmas.

Morpheus 17,5mm extreme widefield eyepiece: we do apologize for the long delay since first announcing this eyepiece. The new 17.5mm Morpheus® has been reworked and consists of an eight-lens construction with three ED- and one Lanthanum-lens. It is the most elaborate widefield eyepiece in our company history. The folding winged rubber eyecup has been reworked and will contain a metal thread to firmly fit onto the M43 thread - be it folded up or down. An M43 extension ring will be included to the basic Morpheus® scope of supply.
With this 8mm extension the distance of the foldable, as well as the winged rubber eyecup can then be finetuned to optimum height. Also this helps to keep any smartphone holder to firmly clamp over the exiting eye-lens. In addition multiple of these M43- rings may be added to achieve the optimum distance to your camera chip for eyepiece projection.
The 17.5mm Morpheus® is expected for spring 2017.
UPDATE May 2017: Please read more information about release/backorders of the Morpheus® 17,5mm here:
Information on backorders/release of 17.5 mm Morpheus® 76° widefield eyepiece

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