New Baader Website – after 20 years


Dear Customers

It took a little while... but now we also have a modern Online-Shop

NEW: integrated knowledge-database

We have tried hard to create more than a "standard" online-shop. The wealth of information that grew over the years on our old website (detailed product application examples, customer review and practical results on Baader products) was integraded to this website in form of product description or additional product information (WordPress Posts).
A wealth of information awaits you.

NEW: detailed technical data

We added a lot of technical data to our products in the form of attributes. E.g all Baader adapters were measured anew. For all telescope- and eyepiece-sided connections, the adaptation options were defined and stored in form of sortable attributes.
Discover the required accessories for your equipment.

filters-navigationsearchNEW: multiple search options

The left sidebar now allows setting a variety of attribute filters. For example, in the category "adapter & photo accessories" all adapters with telescope-sided T-2 (M42 x 0.75) thread can be selected to show up. Or you could choose in the category "eyepieces" a range of focal lengths. And if the sidebar does not suit you, then use our powerfull search function.
Find the product you are looking for - fast and easy.

customer-reviewNEW: interactive exchange possible

You can write a customer review on each products - with images / videos - and rate it with stars. Each review can be commented by other customers to allow a discussion on products. Furthermore each product has an "Ask Question" button. After clicking this button you can enter your product question. If you didn´t check  "Is question private?" it will  appear on the product page after moderation. It will be answered either by an admin or by other customers.
Share your experience and answer questions on productsproduct-question

SHIPPING: currently only to selected countries

dealer-locatorYour country may not be available to be selected for initiating the shipping process. It means that we do ask you kindly to contact us for any product questions - and to contact our national distributor or one of it´s local dealers - for placing an order. Please have a look at our dealer locator which will further improve asap. Our distributors must set their prices in their national currency and consider their cost of import, distribute, and locally support Baader products. They also try to ensure that pricing is similar or less than the cost for a customer to import single items directly. This ensures parity across worldwide regions. The fluctuating exchange rates certainly complicate this pricing. Please take into account customs tariff, import charges and UPS-insured shipping when comparing prices on this site. You will find that most prices available published in your own country actually are similar to a direct imported price in Euros. We do not ship via postal service because regular post - and DHL even - are unable to track parcels outside of Germany. It has caused a lot of frustration with lost shipments were we had to take the loss finally. This is another reason why we do not send individual orders but supply to distributors with forwarders that will monitor the complete route door to door.

CURRENT SITUATION - and what awaits in the future

Currently only Baader products have been implemented into the .com website. A comparison between the old 49 Baader product-sections at and the corresponding new menu-structure at can be found below. Products of our contractual partners and the guest brands that we represent in Germany or Europe are not yet implemented into the .com website. Products of 10Micron, AstroPhysics, Alt, ATIK, Avalon, Celestron, Optec, Planewave, Software Bisque, Starlight Instruments, TEC and Zeiss are still to be found on our .de websites. All of these guest-brand presentations will be easier to navigate in the new system as well - but it still takes some time to move that content. We do ask for your patience.

2016 – is our 50th year of operation. A decent anniversary announcement will follow - with actions and product offerings - once all other brands that we represent have also moved to the new site.

We appreciate your comments and / or questions about this website in the comment form at the end of this post.

Sincerely yours,
Baader Planetarium Web-Team

Old section number Old section name New menu item
Section 01 Guide Scope Rings + Related Accessories Rings and Plates
Sections 02, 03, 04 3" (Losmandy style) System, Bars and Clamps Dovetail bars and clamps
V- (Vixen/Celestron/SkyWatcher/EQ) Dove Tail System, Dove Tail Bars and Clamps
Z- (Zeiss/Astro Physics) Dove Tail System, Dove Tail Bars and Clamps
Section 04 A Custom lengths of Dovetail bars (w/o anodizing) – style 3" or „V“ or „Z“ Services
Sections 05, 05A Baader Tripods & Flange Adapters for a variety of mounts Tripods and Pillars
Photo Tripod „Astro & Nature“ specialy made for Binoculars
Section 05 B Short Pillar and Universal Pillar Adapter Tripod adapter flanges
Section 06 Travel Mount Mounts
Section 06 A Cases for Telescopes Cases forTelescopes
Section 07 Counterweights:  Baader CDP, 10 Micron, custom bore holes Counter weights
Section 08 Baader Astro T-2 System™ – all adapters for T-2 Photo Thread Astro T-2 System®
Section 09 2" (SC-thread) Mechanical Adapters, 2" Eyepiece Holders, 2" Extensions 2" SC-thread
Section 09 A 2" ClickLock (CL) – clamps for SC / AP / M68 / Vixen / SkyWatcher, 2" / 1¼" Eyepiece clamps
Section 10 M68 (Zeiss) Adapter System, Zeiss Extension tubes, M68 Changer & Change Ring M68 (Zeiss)
Section 11 Baader Adapters for Pentax / Takahashi / AstroPhysics / TEC  & 3" Hyperion Various adapters (Pentax, Tak etc.)
Sections 12, 13 Finderscopes, SkySurfer III, Skysurfer V, Vario-Finder 10x60 Finders and Accessories
Quick Release Finder Brackets & Accessories, Tangent assemblies, Baader Stronghold
Sections 14, 15, 16 Digital Adapter System DT-I/DT-II & M68 (Adapters for fixed lens (afocal) photography) Projection adapters
ADPS Digital Eyepiece Projection Adapter - for afocal projection photography
OPFA Eyepiece Holders for classical eyepiece projection with DSLR Cameras
Sections 17, 17A Baader DSLR-T-Rings with  2" Filter Container for Canon EOS & Nikon Classic (T-rings)
Photographic Accessories, T-Rings, C-Mounts 1¼" & T-2
Section 18 Microstage II, Digiscoping Adapter Projection adapters
Section 19 Collimation Tools, Cleaning Products, Hexhead Wrenches (US&metric), Machine Greases Collimation Tools, Cleaning and Maintenance Products
Section 20 Rubber Eyecups / Eyepiece-accessories Eyepiece accessories
Section 21 Guiding-Eyepieces, LVI Stand-Alone Cameras and Accessory Special eyepieces (Guiding, Diascope etc.)
Section 22 Eudiascopic Eyepieces (Masuyama) 3.8/10/35mm Previous series
Section 23 Classic ortho Eyepieces, Eyepiece-Turret and Accessory Q-Turret, Classic Ortho / Plossl
Section 24 31- and 36mm Aspheric 2" Eyepieces with 2" and 1¼" barrel (for Bino-Viewers) Hyperion
Section 24 A Scopos Extreme 2" Eyepieces Previous series
Section 25 Eyepieces and Adapters for Zeiss Diascope Spotting Scope Special eyepieces (Guiding, Diascope etc.)
Section 26 Hyperion 8-24mm ClickStop Zoom 1¼" and all eight Modular Hyperion 2" & 1¼" Eyepieces Hyperion
Section 26 A Acessories for Hyperion Eyepieces, Finetuning Rings and Camera Adapter Rings Eyepiece accessories
Section 27 Morpheus® 76° Eyepieces and Accessories Morpheus
Sections 28, 29 2" ClickLock & 2" Maxbright Stardiagonal Mirrors, 2" Prism Diagonal w. Zeiss-Prism Prisms and mirrors
Erecting Prisms for Astro & Terrestrial, Baader T-2 Amici Prism
Section 30 Barlow Lenses / Telecompressors / Coma Correctors / MPCC / RCC-I Barlow lenses, Coma- and Glaspathcorrectors
Section 31 Products for Spectroscopy Spectroscopy
Section 32, 33, 34 Mark V Giant Binocular Viewer & Accessories Bino-Viewer
T-2 Maxbright Binocular Viewer
Accessories for Maxbright Bino Viewer
Section 35 Baader Diamond Steeltrack (BDS)- & Hyperion-Focuser w. Accessories Focusers
Section 36 Siberia Mirror Kit – no longer available ---------
Sections 37, 37A Herschel Wedge, Telecentric Lenses for H-alpha Solar Observation
Solar Cool ERF-Filters with IR-Blocker / C-ERF and D-ERF-Filters
Section 38 Polarizing Filters 1¼" and 2", Single and Double polarizing Polarizer & Neutral Density
Neutral Density (Grey) Filters ND 0.6/0.9/1.8/3.0  (Phantom Coating Group)
Section 40 High Mag. Color Filters for planetary observation (Phantom Coating Group) Planetary
Section 41 Contrast Booster, FringeKiller, Semi-APO, Moon- & SkyGlow Color Correction Filters Contrast enhancement
Section 42 Baader-UHC-S and O III (visual) Deep Sky Filters Deep Sky
Section 43 A Photographic Filters, IR-Pass-Filter / CCD LRGB - Set for Beginners Contrast enhancement
Sections 43 B/C/D/E/F Photographic L-Filters (UV/IR Cut), Clear-Glass-Filters, L-Booster Filters (UHC-S) Deep Sky
LRGBC Filters 1¼", 2", 50,4mm,  50x50mm, 65x65mm, 36mm
CCD-Narrowband Filters H-alpha 7nm, SII 8nm, O III 8.5nm, H-beta 8.5nm
Complete-Filtersets – Narrowband and LRGBC combined
Baader f/2 Highspeed-Filter
Section 44 Speciality Filters: Baader Methane Filter 889nm, CaK/K-Line Filter, U(Venus)-Filter 350nm Special-Filters
Section 44 A 2" Filter Holder for filterthreads of DSLR-Camera lenses 37-88mm, UFC Universal Filter Changer Accessories (Holder, Boxes)
Section 45 DSLR Astro Upgrade Filters (Baader ACF and BCF) for all Canon DSLRs Services
Section 46 AstroSolar Saftey-Film, Telescope Guard Turbo Film Solar Observation
Section 47 Power Supplies & Miscellaneous Parts Power supply & cables
Section 48 SCOPOS – no longer available Previous series
Section 49 Mechanical parts Services
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