M45 - the Plejades taken with Baader APO and GM 1000 HPS

The following image of the Pleiades (M45), which our customer Christoph Kaltseis has achieved with the Baader APO Travel Companion and the 10 Micron GM1000HPS on La Palma (Athos Campus), is a special treat regarding image detail and star rendition. Partically interesting is the Nikon D810A camera with a 36x24mm sensor and 4.87my pixels. Its sensational resolution will show any aberations in the optical system straight to the edges mercilessly. Most CCD cameras either have smaller sensors or much larger pixels, which helps to camouflage optical deficiencies. Not to speak of bad seeing...

Image editing / sharpening was done with the APF-R Method.

Due to the good optical quality of Baader APO,  airy discs with 5 micron diameter where archieved – not to mention the excellent tracking of the GM 1000 HPS mount and the brilliant location (observation site).

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