Event review in 2023

2023 was an eventful year for Baader Planetarium with numerous international events and trade fairs. Our commitment to the astronomical community and our endeavor to always offer the latest and best products in the field of astronomy have taken us as far as London and Bremen. In this blog post, we want to review the impressions we have gathered this year. From the European AstroFest in London to the SpaceTech Expo in Bremen, we presented our latest innovations and proven solutions to a global audience.

European AstroFest London, February 3rd - 4th, 2023

We attended the two day event at the Kensington Conference and Events Center with our UK representative. The event featured 3 floors of exhibition space showing the latest astro-gear from a range of suppliers and retailers.

Baader Planetarium were invited to be part of the event by Dr Simon Bennett and Elena Kostyaeva from The Widescreen Centre.

Interest in our products was strong with many chats and demonstrations being had about our Universal Filter Changer (UFC) system, our ClickLock products, Astro T-2 and M48 accessories, Hyperion and Morpheus eyepieces and their accessories and our filters especially our new Baader 7.5nm Solar Continuum and CMOS optimized Narrowband models.

Practical Astronomy Show (PAS), March 11th, 2023

On Saturday, March 11th, the one-day Practical Astronomy Show (PAS) took place at the Kettering Conference Center in the heart of England. Alongside the trade exhibition there are also a number of free talks spread across the day.

We were pleased to be part of this event and we had on display for show and demonstration a range of our accessories including

We found lots of interest particularly aimed at our AstroSolar ready-made filters, the ClickLock adaptors and Baader Calcium GEN-II 1¼" (#2961590 , € 285,-) and the new Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel Prism Mark II – (Visual / Photo) (various versions available) .

Conference: Astronomy Conference and Assembly of Delegates of the Swiss Astronomical Society in Brugg-Windisch, April 1st, 2023

On April 1st we took part in the astronomy conference for all members of SAG-SAS sections, as well as professional and youth groups and the interested public. There, in cooperation with our official general importer/distributor of our products for Switzerland, Engelberger AG, we showed a selection of our Baader, PlaneWave & 10Micron products.

ATT in Essen, May 13th, 2023

The ATT is a trade fair especially for amateur astronomers, which we enjoy attending every year. It is the largest event of its kind in Europe.

Watch a time-lapse video of how we set up our booth (timelapse on the day of the show unfortunately didn't work due to complications) as well as some nice highlights.

At this year's ATT we offered - in addition to our online list - interesting bargains directly for sale: including eyepieces, remaining stocks of Baader Narrowband beginner filters, various accessories, Celestron binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes and much more.

At the 38th ATT, in addition to our standard product range, we presented

Space-Comm Expo UK, June 7th - 8th, 2023

Space-Comm Expo is an annual UK-based two-day exhibition held at the Farnborough International Conference Centre (the home of pioneering aviation history) where the space sector industry meets, networks and does business. In addition to the exhibition, there is a full conference programme of lectures given by world-class expert speakers.

We were present at this year's Space-Comm Expo, showcasing PlaneWave- and 10Micron products, Baader domes as well as observatory installations, that can be used for a wide range of scientific applications that include space situational awareness (SSA), laser communication and astronomy. Baader Planetarium specializes in manufacturing advanced Ground Station Domes for SLR (Satellite Laser Ranging), SSA (Space Situational Awareness), and Lasercom applications alongside fully integrated turnkey Optical Observatories. More information can be found on: baader.space

National Astronomy Meeting (NAM), July 3rd - 7th, 2023

Wir waren am 3. bis 7. Juli auf dem UK National Astronomy Meeting (NAM) mit unserer britische Vertretung anwesend und stellten unsere Kuppeln, 10Micron-Montierungen und PlaneWave-Teleskope für die astronomische Lehre und Forschung vor.

from July 3rd to 7th with our UK representation and presented our domes, 10Micron mounts and PlaneWave telescopes for astronomical education and research.

ABK – Astronomieböre in Bad Kreuznach, September 30th, 2023

After the successful start of the ABK - Astronomie-Börse in Bad Kreuznach - in October 2022, the fair took place for the second time this year on September 30th, and we were represented with Baader and Celestron for the first time with an information booth.

Among other things, we presented the new Celestron StarSense Autoguider, the Skymaster PRO ED binoculars and our extensive Baader adapter system with the new Baader M54 adaptor system, as well as PlaneWave CDK14" astrograph and 10Micron AZ1000 & GM2000 mount.

Fall event Video Sauter in Munich, November 3rd - 4th, 2023

With top offers on site and many new products, we were represented with Celestron at Foto-Video Sauter in Munich on 03.11 and 04.11.2023 and presented, among other things, the photo machine with f/2: Celestron RASA 8" astrophotograph on AVX mount, the StarSense Explorer Technology with the new StarSense Explorer Dobsonian series, as well as a complete digiscoping setup with the Baader Hyperion Zoom eyepiece, and Celestron binoculars and spotting scopes.

In-house exibition Photo Universal / Fernrohrland in Fellbach near Stuttgart, November 10th - 11th, 2023

Wir attended on 10.11 and 11.11.2023 the in-house exhibition of Photo Universal / Fernrohrland in Fellbach near Stuttgart with Celestron. There we presented various Celestron innovations, such as the StarSense Dobson, the StarSense Autoguider and proven binoculars and telescopes, including the RASA astrophotographs.

AstroShow Cesena, Italy, November 11th - 12th, 2023

On November 11th - 12th we took part at the AstroShow Cesena in Italy. There, in cooperation with our official distributor UNITRONITALIA we showed a selection of our Baader and PlaneWave products. As a highlight we presented a PlaneWave CDK14 Astrograph on L-350 Direct Drive Mount on a heavy Baader modal steel column with installed Instrument Multi Port IMP85 and a QHY 411 camera.

SpaceTech Expo Europe in Bremen, November 14th - 16th, 2023

From November 14 to 16, 2023, we attended Space Tech Expo Europe with high-quality instruments for the space industry. We presented the first PlaneWave DeltaRho 500 in Europe, mounted on an L-500 Direct-Drive mount. Additionally, we showcased the very first brandnew 10Micron AZ2500 Direct-Drive mount, which completes the line of the larger 10Micron AZ DDS mounts and is specifically designed for high performances required in satellite tracking, laser communication and other demanding applications.

We integrate these and many more products into our turnkey observatories or our optical ground stations for SLR / SSA / Lasercom. More details can be found on: baader.space

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