Important System Driver Update Information - For All QHYCCD Cameras

Breaking news from QHYCCD: QHY - Important firmware driver upgrade 9/21

Based on an update notification of the USB chip, we added a new API in the firmware of all QHYCCD cameras between 2021.7.10 and 2021.9.4.

According to the description, we were expecting that this modification would increase the stability of the USB link. Unfortunately, however, we have received feedback from our users that it can cause a random crash in single frame capture mode on some computers. These random events can occur after some minutes or some hours or even longer time frames. To test these reports, we changed back to the system driver release before 2021.7 and have confirmed that without this new API the random crashes disappear.

In order to avoid this problem, we urgently released versions 2021.9.10 and 2021.9.18 without the new API and the random crashes do not occur. The difference between versions 2021.9.10 and 2021.9.18 is that version 2021.9.18 has an improved UVLO (under-voltage lock out) detection function to help avoid a false detection of an under-voltage event.

Therefore, if you installed the system driver or the All-in-One Installer between 2021.7.10 and 2021.9.4, we strongly recommend that you update the drivers by installing the new system driver of 2021.9.18. Please note this is for all QHYCCD cameras.

You can find the latest drivers at

Because the above modification is to the system driver, after installation of the new driver, please use EZCAP_QT to connect to the camera and check the title line of the EZCAP_QT software to verify the latest firmware version is installed. It should be >= 2021.9.15.

After connecting with the camera using EZ-CAP - read the Title Line of EZ_CAP to see the firmware of you camera as in the screen shot below:

After installing the latest system driver, confirm the version by again connecting to your camera with EZ_CAP software and reading the Title Line

2 thoughts on “Important System Driver Update Information - For All QHYCCD Cameras”

  • Mehrshad

    Hi, i have this problem with my cam.
    how can i, download firmware and windows software for qhy9?
    i need:
    1. firmware
    2. windows software for upgrade firmware

    • Team Baader

      Thank you for your question. You can get the regular driver version for Windows from the following page:

      First you should try if the newest version of the All-In-One-Software works with your QHY9 camera. If there are issues, you can install the dedicated driver for the older QHY-cameras, to be found on the same page. There is no need to uninstall the All-In-One-Driver in this case.

      If you are inquiring to flash your cameras firmware, we would kindly ask you to contact the responsible technician at QHY: Mr. Cha (
      He will happily flash your firmware remotely using TeamViewer.

      Unfortunately, we cannot provide that service.

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