Free Download: 3D-printable UFC-Case for filter sliders

UPDATE: Baader UFC-Case, 3D-printedBaader UFC-Case, 3D-printed Baader UFC-Case, 3D-printed (#2459195, € 75,-) with screw connection as hinge now available for order

By popular request, we have published not only the simplified print data of the UFC case, but also the data set with a screw connection as hinge (for DIN 912 M4x10 screws). The Baader UFC case can now be ordered or is available free of charge as a 3d printable file. This can only be assembled with a little more mechanical skill, as you have to cut an M4 or M6 thread on the underside of the case in each case. You will also need the appropriate screws, which you can normally buy at a DIY store. We do not deliver screws matching the print data ourselves and ask for your understanding.

3D-printable UFC-Case for filter sliders (without screw connection as hinge)

You are the owner of one or more UFC filter sliders and are looking for a way to safely store the filter sliders with mounted filter? Then we have the solution for you: our 3D-printable UFC-Case for filter sliders. This box with hinged lid holds all UFC filter sliders. We offer you the STL files (consisting of two parts) as free download, you only need to login with your customer account or register on our website.

Below is the download link (which will only work when you're logged in). Please also note the information below about the Creative Commons License.

The file is optimized for printers according to the FDM procedure. Ideal would be a heated pressure bed. Material with little warping or heated space. Preferably PLA. As a primer we recommend Bluetape.

Please note

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  • Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to produce these storage boxes in large numbers in our production. In turn, producing individual pieces would be too expensive. We therefore regret that we have to reject requests to print this UFC-Case in our facilities.
  • If you have a 3D printer, you can print the .STL file directly
  • If you do not have a 3D printer and are still interested in this box, you can contact a 3D printer service. Numerous providers can be found online - or maybe you already have a 3D printing company you trust?
  • If you have problems or questions about the file, you can of course contact us at any time

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