Field test of MaxBright® II Binoviewer by William A. Paolini

Field test MaxBright II

Read the extensive 22-page test review by Bill Paolini (Mai 2nd, 2020: Field Test of the Baader MaxBright® II Binoviewer

William "Bill" Paolini has been actively involved in optics and amateur astronomy for more than 50 years, and is author of the popular book: : Choosing and Using Astronomical Eyepieces

We appreciate the positive feedback we have received so far. The Baader MaxBright® II Binocular with case (#2456460, € 425,-) incorporates the knowledge aquired during thirty years of building astronomical binoviewers. It closes the gap between cheaper entry-level binoviewers and our high-end Mark V Giant Bino – see also the article about the differences between MaxBright® II and Mark V Großfeld (Giant) binocular.

A detailed test report: Field Test of the Baader MaxBright® II Binoviewer has now been published by William Paolini in the most popular astro forums. We are very happy about his extremely positive conclusion and would like to highlight two quotations:

Their compact size, moderate weight, solid build quality, precise mechanical function, well thought out ergonimocs, plethora of available accessories, and excellent optical performance has actually made me a fan of binoviewing again!

The performance, ease of operation,and flexibility of the MaxBright II Binoviewer provided for me seemlessly executed and thoroughly rewarding observing experiences, whether using 1.25" eyepieces that produced sweeping low magnification wide field vistas, to those exepieces that produced the highest magnifications possible for detailed lunar and planetary observations. Very highly recommended.

Do you already have experience with the MaxBright® II? Do you have questions about the product? We would be pleased to receive further reviews or comments on this article.


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