Simple Mounting of a CDK 12,5" on GM 2000 HPS

How to get the CDK 12.5 on the GM 2000 without any problems?

PlaneWave CDK12.5 on GM 2000 HPS Mount

PlaneWave CDK12.5 on GM 2000 HPS Mount

Our customer Christian Diez has developed a method that is as inexpensive as it is simple and safe. He can mount his CDK 12.5 on his own on a GM 2000 HPS mount. Instead of a pulley block on the balcony or similar effort he has simply built himself a table at the right height on which he can place the tube and insert it without any effort into the dovetail clamp.


Mounting with the CDK12.5 from PlaneWave is only so easy for one reason:

The main mirror is installed with the highest precision and sits rock sturdy in its position. It has been fitted and adjusted with a special laser adjustment device. If the mirror were mounted in a cell with a point bearing, this exact adjustment of the main mirror would be lost.

More details about the PlaneWave CDK12.5 Astrograph


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