Differences between MaxBright II and Mark V Großfeld (Giant) Binocular

In our Forum post on the german website www.astronomie.de a question was asked about the difference between the Baader MaxBright® II Binoviewer incl. case (#2456460, € 425,-) and the Mark V Großfeld (Giant)-Binocular (#2456410 , € 1425,-) .

We have provided a detailed answer to this question, which we do not want to withhold from all other customers who do not have an account in the Astronomie.de forum. 

Many experiences have been incorporated into the development of the MaxBright® II Binoviewer, so that the differences are surprisingly small. The Mark V Großfeld (Giant) Binocular is produced strictly according to Zeiss specifications by the same suppliers exclusively in Germany who had already supplied Carl Zeiss Jena. For the MaxBright® II, design, development, final assembly and quality control have been and still are carried out in-house. The assemblies and individual parts, however, are put out to tender worldwide and supplied by various suppliers in Europe and the Far East. This is done, among other things, out of self-protection in order not to transfer all knowledge (all design details) to a single supplier.

The Mark V offers the last percent more quality, not least due to the larger prisms, which together with the production in Germany pushes up the price, and is still the most elaborate binocular in our company history. The MaxBright® II is less inferior to it than the price difference would suggest; both meet the high quality standards we stand for.

The most important differences are:

Mark V Großfeld (Giant) Binocular Maxbright® II Binoviewer
Prisms 30mm large Prisms 27mm prisms with 26 / 25,5mm clear aperture (telescope-/eyepiece-sided)
Connection (telescope-sided) Zeiss Micro bayonet incl. TQC Heavy Duty T-2 Quick Changer 1. T-2-cap nut (mounted by default) and optionally 2. Zeiss Micro bayonet, enclosed for replacement (mounting tools included). This means that the MaxBright® II fits all accessories developed for the Mark V bino.
Weight 770g (800g incl. quick changer) 595g
Origin Made in Germany Designed in Germany
Material All-metal housing All-metal housing, with ABS grip shells, leather-covered (similar to high-quality spotting scopes)
Optical length Path length approx. 110mm (+/- about 1mm, depending on the setting of the dioptre compensation)
Eyepiece clamps ClickLock® eyepiece clamps with dioptre compensation for tilt free, reproducible eyepiece position Ergonomic ClickLock® eyepiece clamps with dioptre compensation for tilt free, reproducible position of the eyepieces – with adjusting lever for clamping like the large clicklocks


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