10mircron GM 2000 HPS II CombiThe  GM 2000 HPS II COMBI combines the solid stability of the GM2000 HPS II Monolith with the portability of the GM 2000 HPS II Ultraport. These two mounts are no longer produced and will be replaced by this successor model.

This mount is basically a GM2000 HPS II Ultraport (“splittable” in two parts) with an additional lockingsystem; next to the quick locking system,which is very useful to carry and assemble the mount in the field, a further locking system was added for customers who have the mount permanently installed in an observatory. This will ensure agreat long-term stability, comparable to a GM2000 HPS II Monolith.

You can easily revert themount into a portable (“splittable”) version simply by removing the lockingscrews. This way the new GM2000 HPS II COMBI combines both advantages of the previous models in one single mount!

The technical specifications, sizes and weight of the new GM2000 HPS II COMBI are exactly the same as of the GM2000 HPS II Ultraport.

The GM2000 HPS II COMBI is now available. 10micron

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