Eyepiece clamps

  • ClickLock clamp is spinning where it shouldn't

    Question in Detail: I just received a Baader 2" Clicklock TAK-adapter M72. After a few uses it's spinning where it shouldn't. If I hold the inside on the bottom near where it threads onto the scope it works. Can you tell me what to do? Can I repair it? Answer: This might be a mistake done here during assembly. Please try this fix. If it does not help please return the Clicklock clamp to us or to your dealer, we apologizie. Actually the 2"/M72 ClickLock is consisting of the M68 ClickLock and the Adapter M68/M72. There are 6x M2.5 screws underneath the M68/M72 Adapter. These prevent the M68 thread from rotating. It seems that they where not properly tightened. If you grab the very small...

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