C14 Edge-HD f/11 with 12.000mm focal length - "Mission Impossible" accomplished?

Theory becomes Reality!

Last weekend, on the 17th of February 2019, it seems I achieved my "mission impossible". With my C14 Edge HD f/11 and the Baader FFC 3x (on a 10Micron GM 2000 HPS mount) I was close to 12.000 mm (12 meters!) focal length.
Myself and Baader Planetarium optimized my C14 Edge HD to dive into this performance.

It looks just like a photo:

Is a 4K / 30fps video live and in real time possible? Can a sharp and bright video be achieved with a resolution of 0,21 arcsec live at my Nikon Z6 Display with full format chip (36mm x 24mm)? The answer can be found in the video.

Please note the nearly complete absence of any air turbulence. This short journey across the Moon looks like a series of still photos, nothing wiggles, nothing gets blurred with amazing resolution of 14 inch! Don’t compare this with stacked moon images - this is a video!

I have observed on many outstanding places of this world from Chile to LaPalma - and I am always again amazed about the extreme still air (perfect laminar airflow) that I am enjoying at my everyday home location in Austria.
The C14 Edge HD with my M68 Telecompendium and the Baader FFC where outstanding in combination! The FFC is not only a piece of glass!

My job was to do the right thing at the right time - and I did it!
Yours, Christoph Kaltseis - Team Celestron Ambassador

Selection of single Frames from the above video - NOT stacked images:

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  • Jesús

    I have never seen anithing near to this. Congratulations.

    Please, could you detail the optimization of your C14 Edge HD? Thanks.

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