Baader Standard Domes and Turn-Key Observatories

After more than 50 years of dome production, we notice a steady increase in requests for details and availability of our observatories. Be it classic Slit-Domes from 2.1 - 8.5 meters or AllSky Domes from 2.3 - 6.5 meters, but above all turnkey observatory solutions. The demand for these constructions – mostly with requirements for extreme climatic conditions – has increased so much that we currently still have to name far too long delivery times.


New production facility

The long delivery times, as well as modern demands for more environmentally friendly production standards have made it imperative to relocate our entire dome production to newly built production halls in order to enable higher capacities and faster workflows. The new production facilities, which are currently being occupied, will provide the following possibilities, among others:

  • significantly higher production capacity
  • shorter delivery times
  • more personnel – also for dome installations all over the world
  • environmentally friendly production

Englischer Katalog für Baader Standardkuppeln (AllSky und Klassisch mit Spalt)

New dome catalog

Since we were not able to present domes at trade fairs this year, we used the time to realize the first complete Catalog for Baader standard domes (AllSky and Classic Slit-Domes) in the company's history. In the catalog you can expect among other things

  • Specifications and a small selection of optional upgrades for classic slit domes and 180° AllSky domes
  • one single page for each dome size with a basic technical drawing showing available zenital height, some pictures and a review
  • Information on the scope of services forturn-key observatories, as well as on our proprietory Observatory Management System (OMS)
  • References, general information / Trivia, and map-link to our worldwide observatory installations

Baader dome request information

Required Information: Request for Baader Domes

Are you seriously interested in a Baader dome? Due to our experiences from many years of dome inquiries, we have a pool of questions which we almost always have to clarify in advance, in order to adapt an observatory project to your needs in the best possible way. For this reason, we provide a page with further information on the requirements for the installation of Baader domes. There we also give an approximate starting price of our smallest constructions, but we would like to point out that we do not publish price lists, but calculate each dome project exactly tailored to the customer's requirements and the climatic conditions.

On the information page you will also find a dome contact  form, which you are welcome to fill in if you are interested in a Baader observatory.

Worldwide dome installations

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention again to our observatory world map, which we have continued to complete over the last year – as far as our customers have allowed us to do so. There you can see with many pictures and information all installations we are allowed to present - divided into the categories private observatories, research and education, and public observatories.

In the category Telescopes & Mounts we also show selected large installations without Baader domes.

We look forward to adding your dome to this world map in the future.

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