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In 2019 we reported little about our observatory installations, instead we worked on an observatory world map. It shows not all, but many of the hundreds of observatories and domes we have installed over the last 50 years. This world map will continue to be extended with new and partly even more old observatory installations.

Please note: Most of the content was filled in by our customers themselves. For this reason we ask for your understanding that this content is mostly written in german language only (indicated with a german flag next to the title).

On our observatory world map you can see with many pictures and information all installations, which we may present - divided into the categories Private Observatories, Research and Education, und Public Observatories.

In the category Telescopes / -Mounts we also show selected large installations without Baader domes.

We have also integrated the latest installations. For example, for the first time in our company history, we delivered a dome to the USA - to NASA (Goddard Space Flight Center). Further NASA domes at additional locations will follow in the next years.

Discover what the owners of our domes have to say about their observatory (even after decades).
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In order to make it easier for you to use our quite complex observatory world map, we have created a small tour which will guide you in 8 simple steps through the possible applications of the Baader observatory world map. Start the tour.

We appreciate any feedback (positive or critical) so that we can make this map as user-friendly as possible. Please contact us.

Latest Baader Observatory Installations:

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