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    "*" indicates required fields Step 1 – Select your optimal narrowband filter according to the criteria below:Filter Wavelength H-alpha O-III S-II Average working temperature -30° C to -10° C -10° C to +10° C +10° C to +30° C Halfbandwidth (FWHM) 6.5nm Narrowband / Highspeed 3.5nm/4nm Ultra-Narrowband / Ultra-Highspeed Depending on Sky Quality. Ultra-Narrowband/Highspeed Filters with 3.5nm/4nm are only recommend for areas with high light pollution (Bortle 9/8/7/[6] Sky).HiddenABSENDENErste AuswahlZweite AuswahlPlease make a selection above to narrow down/select the graph you needStep 2 – Determine filter category based on aperture ratio and central obstruction:Now determine the appropriate filter category in the graph below using the focal ratio (x-axis) and the central obstruction (y-axis) of your telescope. You can use the fields below for this purpose....
  • Our Services in High-End Telescope Setups and Turnkey Observatories

    Baader Planetarium GmbH has got more than 58 years of experience in supplying astronomers all over the world with the right tools. What began with the development of observatory domes, gradually evolved to complete, turnkey observatory solutions equipped with state-of-the-art telescopes, mounts, and accessories. In recent years, our portfolio has further evolved to offer high-end telescope setups for both new observatory projects and for upgrading existing structures to the latest in astronomical technology. This breadth of services ensures we meet the diverse needs of our clients, from private enthusiasts to professional institutions worldwide, by offering everything from the ground up construction of new observatories to the enhancement of current facilities with advanced equipment. As the field of astronomy has advanced, we have kept pace with...
  • Hellas Sky - Altomira

    In 2023, the private observatory of our customer, Mr. Backmeyer, was upgraded with brand-new equipment. Our team dismantled the old instrumentation (Celestron C14 with CGXL mount) and replaced it with a 10Micron GM3000 HPS with PlaneWave CDK17 and the latest camera technology. The facility is operated using a Baader OMS (Observatory Management System) in the existing 3.5m Allsky Dome. For more information about this installation, including a detailed construction and experience report, please click here: 3.5m AllSky Dome - Ulf Backmeyer In August 2022, the idea for the Hellas Sky project was conceived during a workshop. It was further developed and refined in spring 2023 until it was publicly presented for the first time at the CEDIC (Central European DeepSky Imaging Conference) in March 2024....
  • 3,5 Meter AllSky Dome (Hellas Sky)

    In December 2023 the private observatory of our customer Mr. Backmeyer was supplemented with brand new equipment. For this purpose, our team dismantled the old instrumentation (Celestron C14 with CGXL mount) and equipped it with a 10Micron GM3000 HPS with PlaneWave CDK17 and state-of-the-art camera technology. The system is operated with a Baader OMS (Observatory Management System) in the existing 3.5m Allsky dome. Further information on the Hellas Sky project can be found also on our World Map entry Hellas Sky - Altomira. Read more information about this observatory below: December 2021: Detailed customer experience report on the function of the observatory after two years of operation December 2019: Extensive Baader installation report on the installation of the dome against a dreamy backdrop   Read the...
  • Sohland Observatory

    Since September 2023, our observatory is the proud owner of a Baader Planetarium observatory. Through the EU-wide LEADER fund for regional development, we were able to secure funding for a modern and future-proof telescope that can also be remotely controlled from our lecture hall or externally. We particularly focused on promoting astrophotography and improving the visualization of the starry sky for our guests, which was previously difficult to implement at our observatory. Until now, our instruments were mainly focused on ease of use and demonstrability for visitor groups. With the 16" Alluna Astrograph, along with a modern camera and mount, we now have an absolute dream setup, allowing us to conduct observations at a high level. The sky in Upper Lusatia is very dark in...
  • Field report by Ian Aiken: The Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel Prism Mark II

    When it comes to astronomical accessories, first impressions can be just as important as the technical specifications. The Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel Prism Mark II – (Visual / Photo) (various versions available) is no exception. In this blog our customer Ian Aiken is going to list some of the key features that he has read in promotional material, from observations he has made and from his own experience using this product. My name is Ian Aiken and I live in the North East of England in the United Kingdom, which experiences a temperate maritime climate characterized by mild summers and cool winters. Cloudiness can vary throughout the year and it feels like I only get 20 usable clear nights per year at my Bortle...
  • 3,2 Meter Classic Dome (Spaltkuppel)

    Setting up the dome and installing the instruments went very smoothly. A big compliment to the Baader installation team. However, the subsequent commissioning should not be underestimated, especially if, as in our case, you have no prior knowledge of remote operation. Here, however, the after-sales service was very helpful, and with two TeamViewer sessions all problems could be solved. Since then, the dome has been working perfectly for private use as well as for the projects of the Trier Observatory Association. Georg Wendt Note from Baader Planetarium GmbH: We have created a short video with drone and image material of this beautiful turnkey observatory in an idyllic landscape: 

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