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Michael has been interested in astronomy and spaceflight, since he saw the last moon landing as a child. In 1981, he became a member of the Association of Amateur Astronomers in the Saarland and, as a member of the board, accompanied the establishment of the Peterberg Observatory. As co-founder and first webmaster of, he contributed numerous ideas and reports on astronomical and spaceflight topics to the first German astronomy portal. He has been practicing planetary, comets, solar, deep sky as well as TWAN style photography, and has been on many long distance trips, among others to 7 total solar eclipses. As a long-time science editor, he has led "Northern lights and stars" trips to the Arctic Circle. Michael has published many of his own photos and articles in professional journals and has written chapters for the books chapters for the books Fotoschule (Photo School) and Extremfotografie (Extreme Photography) with his colleague Martin Rietze for "Color Foto".

At Baader-Planetarium he is part of the observatory project team and is booked for lectures in Germany and abroad. Furthermore, he is an expert consultant for observatories, domes, high end mounts, telescopes and much more.

  • First images of comet 46P/Wirtanen with RASA 8

    The Comet 46P/Wirtanen approaches the earth and becomes brighter and brighter. Latest estimates (December 3rd) are about 5m, so theoretically it should be visible with the naked eye. However, its brightness is distributed over a full moon size in the sky, thus the surface brightness is low. To see such a special comet you need a very dark sky. And to be able to photograph it, suitable optics with high light intensity and short focal lengths are needed. This makes Wirtanen an ideal test object for Celestron's RASA f/2 astrographs, but it is too large for Rasa 11 and RASA 36cm to be imaged with a tail. Fortunately, we received our first RASA 8 just in time for the first visibility period in the northern...
  • Impressions of the lunar eclipse 2018

    Lunar Eclipse-Viewing with Baader Planetarium For the first time in our company history, we have organized a small "Star Party" for an astronomical event. On Haldenberg, near our headquarters in Mammendorf, we have set-up a few binoculars and telescopes and announced this in advance in the local newspapers. Since we could only provide a limited number of employees for this event, we deliberately did not advertise the event online in order to avoid being "overrun". But even so the event got around so well per "mouthspeak" that we finally had about 200 visitors in the main phase. Below you can see early pictures of the setup, at a later (darker) hour the moon and Mars attracted all eyes, so that we have no further photos...

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