APOD: Trifid nebula taken with PlaneWave CDK 17 on Rooisand Observatory

Impressive image, taken with PlaneWave CDK17, chosen as APOD (2017 October 20)

APODConvince yourself of the high image quality of the combination CDK 17 and TV Reducer 

In spring of 2013, the turnkey "Rooisand Observatory" in Namibia, a 3.2 meter Dome, received latest equipment and technology:

  • A new telescope combination consisting of an Astro-Physics  GTO 1600 mount
  • equipped with a Planewave CDK 17", a Zeiss APQ 130 / 1000m
  • and a TEC APO 110 FL together with a wide range of optical and photographic accessories

Messier 20 - Trifid nebula

25 x 600 seconds with ALccd8 L, Telescope: Planewave CDK17 with TeleVue 0.8x Reducer, Image processing: Nebulosity, Regim, Photoshop CS, © by Franz Hofmann + Wolfgang Paech

Messier 20 - der Trifidnebel

For a comparison with the size with the Moon please click here. © by Franz Hofmann + Wolfgang Paech

The Trifid Nebula in the constellation Sagittarius is one of the absolute highlights in the sky. The combination of red emission nebula, blue reflection nebula and dark clouds form one of the most beautiful nebula region in the southern Milky Way. The hot blueish O7 star HD 164492 ionizes a nearly spherical part of the nebula resulting in its reddish glow. Further outwards, the energy of the star is not strong enough to ionize more gas. These parts form the blue reflection nebula, which completely surrounds the inner emission nebula. The dark clouds divide the inner emission nebula into three parts which are responsible for the name of the nebula. M 20 is about 5200 light years away from the Earth. It covers almost the area of the Moon in th esky. Load higher resolution.



Rooisand Desert Ranch in Namibia:

Sternwarte Rooisand Desert Ranch Namibia Instrumentarium Sternwarte Rooisand Desert Ranch Sternwarte Namibia von Innen + Instrumentarium Baader Sternwarten Kuppel in Namibia


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Wolfgang Paech

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