Change in Standard Body Style of the QHY268C Camera:

The "C" model of the QHY 268 has a shorter chip distance to the contact surface as of now.

Since January 2023, the QHY268C body configuration will be the same as the QHY268M camera. That is, both the mono and color cameras will have bodies with the short back focal length design. Previously the QHY268C body had the round dovetail ring on the front. However, the short back focal length design is being made standard for both mono and color 268 cameras in response to dealer and user requests to make the QHY268C more compatible with third party filter sliders, electric focusers, etc. This change is entirely mechanical and results in the QHY268C having only 14.5mm of backfocus instead of 24mm with the dovetail ring and centering ring attachment (CAA-Adapter).

In addition to the new mechanical configuration, the QHY268C SBFL now includes a new B4 adapter kit as a standard accessory. The kit is multi-functional. With the B4 kit, to image with a Canon or Nikon camera lens, the user only needs to add the canon or Nikon lens adapter. In the future, a filter drawer will be able to replace the 4mm+10mm+2.5mm spacers. B4-2 and B4-3 share common parts from the necessary B4-1(for MPCC). When you need to connect Canon or Nikon lens, you only need to get one Canon/Nikon adapter, not a “kit” like D2 or D3 anymore.

QHY268C - Version ab 2023

QHY268C -Version ab 2023


Die The chip chamber of the QHY268C SBFL is now just as effectively protected against fogging as was the case with the long version with ring dovetail - and those who want to have it completely safe can also add the larger desiccant tube ( QHY Large Desiccant Tube (#1931121 , € 72,-) ). QHY calls this now omitted component with the 45° undercut "tilter" because you can rotate the whole camera body with it - but not "tilt" it. The term "ring dovetail" that we still use for such quick clamps, on the other hand, originates from the telescope production of Carl Zeiss Jena and referred there to the so-called "changers" (=quick clamps) that also allowed a rotation of the connected accessories. We still manufacture these changers according to the original Zeiss drawings, but with much more precise fitting dimensions. Please have a look at our heavy-duty quick-change systems, which are available in the connection variants T-2, M48, M68 as well as PlaneWave SecureFit.

Note about the FCCT II on the QHY 268C color camera: The QHY 268C color camera in the new short version is now compatible with the Baader FCCT II for RASA 8" – suitable for Ø 90 mm QHY-Cameras (e.g. QHY 268 / 294 / 533)Baader FCCT II for RASA 8" – suitable for Ø 90 mm QHY-Cameras (e.g. QHY 268 / 294 / 533) Baader FCCT II for RASA 8" – suitable for Ø 90 mm QHY-Cameras (e.g. QHY 268 / 294 / 533) (#2459071, € 345,-) . The previous version of the QHY268C in the standard version with ring dovetail is NOT compatible with the FCCT II.

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