3.2m Classic (ECO) Dome with CDK 17" and GM 3000 HPS for EGN observatory

Dome version
Classic Dome (ECO)
Dome size
3,2 Meter
Einstein Gymnasium Neuenhagen
Remote operation, rain- and cloud-sensor,
AllSky camera, Emergency closure and much more
Maxim DL Pro
Schulveranstaltungen, Deep-Sky
Built in year

Our 3.2m observatory dome shines from afar in full splendour above the treetops of the garden city Neuenhagen. Ee created the following video of the dome assembly by the Team Baader Planetarium in August 2017, as well as wrote a report on our web page (in German language):


In September 2018 followed the installation of the , the 10Micron GM 3000 HPS Montierung, as well as the telescopes PlaneWave CDK 17 Astrograph (#1323217W, € 25.850,-) and TEC . For this we also published a detailed report from which we would like to show the following few excerpts (translated from german).

(...) After a short tour of the observatory on the roof of the new school building, the "observatory professionals" confirmed to us that we have very good conditions here and everything was taken into account. Also the location at the green edge of Berlin impressed both of them. (...)
After the end of the installation of all components, the PC is only accessed wirelessly, via a laptop, a tablet or another PC. All components of the observatory up to the focusers are then "remotely" controllable.(...)
Fortunately, the Baader team conveys the impression that we can also count on very good support afterwards.

The regional press also wrote the following on the dome installation: https://www.moz.de/landkreise/maerkisch-oderland/strausberg/artikel8/dg/0/1/1680898/

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