25th anniversary of TEC - Apochromats of the top class

Yuri Petrunin (183 cm tall) with a TEC APO 200 FL

Yuri Petrunin (183 cm tall) with a TEC APO 200 f/8 Fluorite Apochromat (#1351030 , € 40500,-)

TEC - Telescope Engineering CompanyThe "Telescope Engeneering Company" has long earned a reputation as a top-class telescope manufacturer. The family business in the US state of Colorado has been manufacturing telescopes of the highest quality in small series since the 1990s.

Before TEC manufactured the first refractors in the year 2000 (regular production of APO140 started in 2002), TEC were offering Sitall mirror sets from LOMO (upto 1.4m) and MAKs from 150mm to 300mm. The distribution of these products is stopped.

The three Petrunins are based on class instead of mass, therefore the delivery times are long! But the quality is also outstanding: TEC is one of the few manufacturers in the world that still masters durable oil-spaced triplet lenses. This results in particularly robust and stable optics that cool down very quickly and effectively. During the 15 years that Baader Planetarium has been importing TEC telescopes to Europe, only one oil-spaced lenses had to be renewed. We can therefore vouch for the quality and long-term stability of this oil-spaced lenses. Read more about the advantages of oil-spaced lenses for apochromatic triplet objective.

In years of work, TEC has now succeeded in manufacturing all device classes with a genuine Fluorite as a middle element. In terms of transmission and colour purity, these optics are far superior to all "APOs" with ED lenses or similar, which are available today. If you haven't seen the difference with your own eyes, you can't imagine it. It is last bit of sharpness that literally gets you going when you focus on an oil-spaced triplet lens with Flurite as a middle element is an incomparable experience.

TEC is currently the only company, which offer an impressive range of optics from 140mm up to 300mm aperture in series production.

Also the TEC APO 140 f/7 Fluorite Apochromat (#1351005 , € 10680,-) - the most popular size of all TEC telescopes TEC is now available as fluorite apochromat. It is for everyone’s needs. The scope is light weight, portable, and can be used for visual or CCD imaging. With the suitable field flatteners and reducers a world of possibilities is open to you. Due to its optical design, even solar observation is possible, whether with H-alpha filters or whitish light using a Herschel Prism.

  TEC APO 140 f/7 Fluorite Apochromat (#1351005 , € 10680,-) :

  • Apochromatic Triplet Objective
  • Clear aperture 5.5" (140 mm), focal length 980 mm
  • Excellent color correction thanks to glass combined with Fluorite as a middle element
  • The color correction is optimized for visual use with focus shift less than 0.02% from 436nm to 1000nm.
  • Durable oil spaced lens - Why an oil-spaced triplet-lens?
  • 3.5" Feather Touch Focuser of Starlight Instruments

 TEC APO 140 f/7 Fluorite Apochromat # 1351005

TEC APO 140 f/7 Fluorite Apochromat (#1351005 , € 10680,-)

 TEC APO 160 f/7 Fluorite Apochromat # 1351010

TEC APO 160 f/7 Fluorite Apochromat (#1351010 , € 17600,-)

 TEC APO 180 f/7 Fluorite Apochromat (#1351080, € 24200,-)

TEC APO 180 f/7 Fluorite Apochromat (#1351080 , € 26100,-)

TEC Bino telescopes

The currently available bino-telescopes of several manufacturers usually have apertures between 80 and 120 mm. TEC only starts at 140 mm.

As customers requested, TEC has started to offer astronomical binocular telescopes or "binoscopes". Such instruments offer an extrordinary usability and functionality for visual astronomy. The well-known advantages of binocular viewing can be found in perfection here.


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