Baader UFC (Universal Filter Changer)

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Baader UFC (Universal Filter Changer)

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  • versatile filter changer, very easy and inexpensive modifiable - when changing telescope or camera
  • largest telescope-sided diameter of 65mm (depends on telescope-sided connection adapter such as "RASA"
  • Filter changer availble for mounted 2" filters (max. 6mm height - LPFC), as well as unmounted 50.4mm round and 50x50 square filters
  • multiple accessories (extensions, stray light flange) as well as telescope-sided and camera-sided adapters available. Combine your Baader-UFC here...
3D-printable UFC-Case for filter sliders

Further Information and Download-Link can be found here.

Price as configured: Excl. Tax: € 0.00 Incl. Tax: € 0.00

Product Questions

I have a question about the narrowband filters in 2" cell mounted and the blank 50.4mm filters. I would like to consider the universal filter changer but I read that only low profile filter cells are suitable for mounting in the 2" slider code 2459112. Since I'm not sure if my Ha-OIII-SII Baader set I bought 3 years ago in mounted 2" format has a thin enough cell I would like to know if it could be possible to unmount the 2" filters from their mounting rings and put the blank filters in the slider for unmounted 50.4mm filters code 2459113 of the universal filter changer. (i.e. are actually the mere glasses of 2" filters of 50.4mm diameter?)
Awaiting for a your kind reply I send my
Best Wishes
Emanuele Cavaliere
Question by: Emanuele Cavaliere on Jan 30, 2018 12:34:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)


Baader UFC (Universal Filter Changer)

2459112_application_both-sides UFC 2" Filter slider (#2459112) with mounted Filter - showing both sides
2459113_application_both-sides UFC D 50.4 Filter slider (#2459113) with mounted Filter - showing both sides
Application Image: UFC 50x50 Filter slider (#2459114) with mounted Filter - showing both sides

The Baader-UFC is the priceworthy answer to an ever growing problem. New camera-models come to market in ever increasing speed. Spacers between telescope and camera don´t support the correct distance or are subjected to torsion due to their flimsy design and heavy cameras. And the owner may want to change the telescope - or use several OTAs, but does not want to purchase new filters and filter sliders all the time. The Baader-UFC is a (seemingly) simple answer to a complex problem. It is made in the typical Baader-way, trying to connect each and everything in the most elegant and flexure-free manner.

The filter chamber (UFC-Base) is the core part, which up to now does accept three different kinds of filter sliders for 2"/ for 50 mm round and for 50x50 mm filter sizes. The filter sliders are kept in place by means of an adjustable magnet, to adjust the retaining force and to assure exact repositioning of the filter for repeatable usage of flats. A brass-pin mounted onto the far side of the filter-slider. This pin is sticking out at the opposite side of the filter chamber. The pin enables an easy eject of the filter slider without pulling on the filter slider, to not endanger the precise telescope position during exchange of filter sliders.

Versatile application – for almost any telescope / camera


The camera-side of the UFC-Base (the filter-chamber) remains open towards the camera - until the matching camera-adapter gets mounted directly onto the UFC-Base. The purpose of this is to have the filters mounted with minimum distance to the image sensor, avoiding additional vignetting.

The telescope-side of the UFC-base carries a receptor with 6 clamp screws in 60° spacings, to mount all the Baader-proprietory S 70-dovetail-adapters and spacers. A number of rigid UFC-S 70 spacer tubes is available in 5/15/40 mm length , as well as an ultra-stable S 70 VARI-LOCK spacer, engraved with Millimeter scale and being seamlessly adjustable from 15 to 20 mm. These four spacers will allow precise adaption with almost any backfocus situation, for both - back and prime focus - instrument configurations. Please accept the six tiny set screws, they are dearly necessary at times, when correct spacing becomes difficult. Each joint must be able to rotate, while requiring only a minimum of optical length.


Another set of telescope-adapters, with the male S70 dovetail facing the camera-side, completes the assortment, enabling the user to mount the UFC-assy onto almost any telescope firmly and flexure free. For the RASA-adaptation we even mill this RASA/S70 adapter plate from stainless steel, in order to provide the necessary stiffness while retaining the extremely thin flange tolerances required for the RASA-design.

For any telescope, for any camera - just replace the corresponding adapters on either side of the filter chamber when you change telescope or camera and want to keep on using your trusted set of filters.

As added benefit any camera lens can be used with the UFC. In this case, the UFC-Base will be fastened in front of the camera-lens with adding both the S70/SP54 adapter #2459134 and the retaining flange #2459121, as well as one of the many step-rings of the Hyperion-ring-system (#2958028 - 2958082) to be found here. Note that filters ought to be mounted in reverse order when using the UFC-filter changer in front of camera lenses.

Just one "click" onto the brass-pin releases the filter holder from the magnetic fixture. Afterwards it can be removed easily

Just one "click" onto the brass-pin releases the filter holder from the magnetic fixture. Afterwards it can be removed easily.


UFC with 50x50 filter slider, SP54 adapter, Straylight flange as well as DT-Ring SP54/M62 and Stepper Ring M62/M72 for Adaption on DSLR camera lenses

UFC with 50x50 filter slider, SP54 adapter, Straylight flange as well as DT-Ring SP54/M62 and Stepper Ring M62/M72 for Adaption on DSLR camera lenses.

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Lightcatcher 255/09/2018 13/09/201817:31
  • Rating:
UFC filter for RASA telescope
As I have QHY168C One Shoot Color camera and I wanted to connect it to Celestron RASA scope, I found the best solution by using UFC system from Baader.
As many manufacturers on the market, nearly the same amount of different systems available and different focus distances, so to simplify my adapter set I've ordered only necessary minimum. I've asked in local astronomy shop to just shorten the longest extension so I can achieve the focus distance.
After that, everything was fitting perfectly.
  • Simplicity and loads of options with extensions
  • The main adapter for the RASA should have some quick disconnection solution to avoid unscrewing troublesome and delicate thread.
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Sternenfreund 361/12/2017 28/12/201714:39
  • Rating:
Sehr gute Erfahrung
Ich verwende das System an meinen 3 Instrumenten (Meade LX 200 12" UHC, Explore Scientific 100 ED Carbon und TS Photoline 80) mittels M68-Adapter und dem Zeiss Kompendium.

Insgesamt bin ich sehr zufrieden. Die Schubladen lassen sich im Dunkeln sicher und leicht wechseln. Das mechanische Spiel ist so klein, dass kaum Probleme nach dem Filterwechsel auftreten.

Einziger Kritipunk ist die Gewindelänge der 2" Filterschubladen. Dies ist manchmal zu kurz. Selbst mit dem beigelegten Spacer-Ring steht mancher Filter auf der Gegenseite über und die Schublade kann nicht eingeführt werden. Nach Rücksprache mit Baader-Team habe ich zusätzliche Spacer erhalten. Mit zwei untergelegten Spacern war das Problem gelöst. Hier noch nochmal vielen Dank für die schnelle Unterstützung.
  • Kurze optischer Weglänge, passgenaue Schubladen, viele Adapter
  • Gewindelänge der 2" Schubladen, bei manchen Filtern zusätzlicher Spacer notwendig
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Christoph Kaltseis 100/04/2016 10/04/201610:54
  • Rating:
UFC, f/2-Filter und RASA = Deepsky Kanone
Freundlicherweise habe ich als RASA-Besitzer von Baader Planetarium einen Prototypen des UFC Filter Changers zum Testen erhalten.
Der UFC mit dem RASA 11" macht den RASA für mich absolut CCD Kamera tauglich, da ich nun jeden Filter verwenden kann. Besonders die Kombination der FLI ML16200 mit dem Baader UFC lässt so eine absolute Deepsky Kanone entstehen! Ich finde den UFC einfach TOP - mechanisch - 101% Qualität!
Das Filter einfädeln bei angesetzter Taukappe am RASA sollte aber im Trockentraining versucht werden - in der Nacht ist es anders. Die Taukappe abnehmen ist wegen den Kabelführung am RASA schwer, damit auch die Flats dazu passen - Taukappe am RASA ist besser wenngleich es beim Wechseln der Filter mehr Sorgfalt braucht.

Filter nicht zu „kalt“ aufbewahren - können beschlagen, wenn sie in die „wärmere“ Taukappenluft eingebracht werden. Die FLI hat die Taukappe bzw. die Luft darin leicht erwärmt, durch die aktive Kühlung - Ab-Wärme der CCD.
Ich habe bei den UFC Filterladen die 2“ Baader RGB und f2 H-Alpha, O3 und S2 Filter in Verwendung. Bei der 34mm diagonale des FLI ML16200 Chips klappte alles reibungslos mit dem Flat. So konnte ich ein perfekt ausgeleuchtetes Feld nach dem Abzugs des Flats erreichen. Die Filter sollten sorgsam aufbewahrt werden damit keine Partikel dazu kommen, oder sich verändern - dann kann das Flat / die Flats wiederholt verwendet werden.

Die f2 Filter sind extrem wichtig, ein Vergleich beim f/2 H-Alpha Filter brachte in der gleichen Nacht zwischen dem normalen H-Alpha Filter mit 7nm den folgenden Unterschied: mit Standard 7nm H-alpha Filter waren beim Summenstack von 10x180 die hellsten Counts bei 42000-44000, beim f2 Spezialfilter bei 65535 Counts (Count = Helligkeitswerte, bei 16 Bit max. 65535 Counts). Dies zeigte sich auch im Feld. Schwache Strukturen kamen mit dem f2 heraus wo mit dem normalen H-Alpha Filter kaum oder kein Signal sichtbar war.
Zusammen mit dem UFC + RASA + CCD steht nun einer erfolgreichen Deepsky Belichtung nichts mehr im Weg - hoffe auf einen klaren und sternenreichen Winter und noch viele Nächte mit der Kombination!
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