Baader Tilter-Systems

for the perfect camera alignment

Everything has to fit for the perfect picture. Screw connections prevent tilting – but what if the tilting is in the system?

It happens again and again that a camera sensor is not exactly perpendicular to the optical axis or that the neatly adjusted optics are installed in the tube in a slightly tilted position. In such cases, a "tilter" (a mechanical image position corrector) helps to perfectly adjust the camera sensor to the optics. The new generation of Baader tilters with adjustment screws on the sides enables lightning-fast adjustment with the camera attached. They hold even the heaviest accessories securely.

    The following Baader Tilters are available:

  • FCCT I: for RASA 8" and Ø 77 mm QHY cameras
  • FCCT II: for RASA 8" and Ø 90 mm QHY cameras
  • UFC-Tilter: for the entiry UFC family
  • M68-Tilter: for the entire M68 system

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Highlights of the Baader Tilters:

  • Ultra-short design, only approx. 10 mm
  • 0-1° tilt – allows tilting of up to 1° to compensate for tilt in the image field
  • Allow very fast adjustment or finest corrections in the image corners – without having to unscrew the camera

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