Baader Sky Surfer V (Night & Day Design) Red-Dot-Finder

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Baader Sky Surfer V (Night & Day Design) Red-Dot-Finder

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  • SkySurfer V works in dual function ("day &night"), as precise solar-finder as well as a classic Red Dot Finder.
  • LED withillumination with three bright settings for daylight use and eight much dimmer for nighttime use, so that no stars will be outshone.
  • Incl. RDM Red Dot Mount #2457010 (to mount onto most Celestron, Sky-Watcher and Vixen finder base) and Baader-Standard-Base #2457000 to mount on other telescopes. The SkySurfer V unit (without the RDM mount) also fits directly onto 11 mm Weaver micro gunrails and 20 mm Weaver/Picatinny rails
  • The 1: 1 objective lens is non-reflective and darkens the sky much less than competitive seekers. Cheaper RDFs used for guns are much too bright at night and will harm your dark adaptation.
  • The spacer itself is equipped with a mini-weaver-style dovetail so that it can carry a SkySurfer III or SkySurfer V red dot finder as well
  • Front Jump Cover for SkySurfer V (#2957311 , € 14,-) with 0.7 mm through-hole to work as solar "camera obscura" when cover is closed and Back Jump Cover for SkySurfer V (#2957312 , € 16,-) with yellow glass cover with opaque crosshair reticle and UV/IR blocking filter are also available separately, is suitable for upgrading for an older SkySurfer V model.

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Will the DSLR hot-shoe adapter that works with the Sky-surfer III, work with the Sky-surfer V? If not, where can I obtain a hot-shoe adapter for the Baader Sky-surfer V?
Thanks for any information.
Question by: gregory t on Apr 16, 2018 8:31:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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How do I mount the SkySurfer V close to the tube of a Celestron CPC800? I see photos of this configuration (i.e., without the stalk between the finder and the base). What hardware is required for this?
Question by: Steve Daniel on Dec 8, 2020 4:01:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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Do you have a bracket to mount the Sky Surfer V to the top flat surface of my OTA rings, similar to the standard base, but flat on the bottom?
Question by: David Hall on Jul 29, 2020 10:04:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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I would like to attach the Sky Surfer V to an Orion 180mm Mak-Cass. The spacing between the available finder scope screws is 0.75 inches (approximately 19mm). This spacing appears to be too narrow for the Baader Standard Base that comes with the Sky Surfer V. Is it acceptable to use the center hole plus one of the slots to attach the base to the Mak-Cass or to maybe use only the center hole? If neither approach is acceptable do you have a dovetail mounting base that will work with a 19mm attachment screw spacing?
Question by: Barry on Feb 26, 2021 1:54:00 AM | 1 Answer(s)

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What is the thread size on the alt-azimuth adjusting screws? I find it cumbersome using to use a coin or screwdriver in the dark to make the adjustments and would like to replace them with something that can be turned without a too. But I don't know what is the proper thread size.
Question by: Bob Hamers on May 27, 2020 5:04:00 AM | 1 Answer(s)

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Is it possible to mount the scope on the farther end of the Celestron SCT 8", using the single dovetail screw instead of the two screws or would that be too much weight for the single screw to hold?
Question by: Jan on Jun 4, 2018 5:21:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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Demilitarized giant illuminated Red Dot Visor (RDV)

Originally this product had a military function, hence it is built like a tank.

With both jump covers flipped open, the unit works as a terrestrial as well as an astronomical Red Dot Finder for straight through aiming with both eyes open, featuring a sharp 2 MOA red dot with 11 brightness set points. The three lower light settings are intended for night work against the sky.

With both jump-covers closed, the unit works as a safe daylight solar finder, projecting the solar disc through a 1.5 MOA (minutes of arc) pinhole onto a 40 mm wide rear 2 MOA reticle. The reticle is applied onto a yellow UV-blocker for added safety against accidental straight viewing. The projected solar image can be centered onto the reticle without looking straight through the finder.

  • To not loose sighting stars, the view though the SkySurfer V is markedly brighter compared to regular gunsight red dot visors.
  • All lenses and optical windows of the SkySurfer V are fully multicoated for maximum starlight throughput
  • The optical body and all adjustments are waterresistant, fogproof and shockproof
  • SkySurfer V comes fully assembled with anti-dew extensions and jump covers mounted.
SkySurfer V: scope of supply

Features of the SkySurfer V

  • Fully multicoated lenses provide increased light transmission
  • Illuminated red dot reticle is highly visible in daylight and dimmable for unimpaired night vision
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Use with both eyes wide open
  • Red Color does not impair nightvision
  • 40 mm deep added dew-shields on either side prevent fogging of the lenses and work as a perfect straylight shield.
  • 70 mm elevation of Universal Red Dot Mount enables effortless aiming – even when mounted onto the optical tube of a Newtonian telescope (most low profile red dot aiming devices don't provide enough "face-space" between telescope and finder.
  • Ready out of the box: Extension tubes and jump covers readily mounted
  • Front jump cover features a 1.5 MOA center hole to work as moisture release when closed after use and to work as daylight pinhole projector.
  • Rear jump cover features a 40 mm yellow UV-blocked window with integrated opaque reticle with 2 MOA (minutes of arc) center hole to catch the solar image projected by the front 1.5 MOA center hole.
0.7 mm / 1.5 MOA bore hole, prevents moisture and is used for solar projection

Technical Data

  • Magnification: 1x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 40 mm
  • Reticle: Illuminated, 2 MOA (minute of arc) Red Dot
  • Adjustment Gradation: 1 MOA per click / 48 clicks per revoution
  • Waterresistant and Fogproof
  • Battery: 1 CR2032 (included)
  • Fits directly on 11mm Weaver micro gunrails, and with standard adapter (not included) onto Weaver- und Picatinny rails
  • Length: 210 mm (8.5")
  • Weight: 310 g (base: 55g)

Sky Surfer V - scope of supply

  • Sky-Surfer V basic optical module (Fits directly onto 11mm Weaver micro gunrails. When reversing the clamping brackets, the SkySurfer V directly fits onto all standard rails (20 mm) of Weaver and Picatinny)
  • 2 pc. 35 mm optical tube extensions (mounted on optical body)
  • Front jump cover #2957311 with 0.7 mm through-hole to work as solar "camera obscura" when cover is closed (mounted on extension tube)
  • Rear jump cover with yellow glass cover with opaque crosshair reticle and UV/IR blocking filter
  • Baader Universal RDM Red Dot Mount #2457010
  • Baader Standard Base #2457000
2' (MOA) dot size. Diameter of Moon: 30'.

SkySurfer V Red Dot Reticle

  • Nocturnal Red Dot Size: 2 Minutes of arc (2 MOA), provides a most (unleserlich???) "vanishing point"
  • Daylight Red Dot Size: 3 Minutes of arc (3 MOA)
  • Use with both eyes wide open
  • Red Color does not impar nightvision
  • 11 variable illumination settings (3 settings for day vision)
  • Lithium battery with up to 4000 hours lifetime at #1 nocturnal dial

Test Review:

Read here a test review about the first version of the SkySurfer V on

Solar Observation Safety Note

Before pointing the telescope towards the Sun make sure that both jump covers are securely closed and snapped into place. Now the solar image is being projected onto the rear-side reticle. The position of the bright solar dot on the reticle can be seen from any sideways angle. It is not necessary and not recommended for solar work to position the eye straight behind the line of sight and to eye the solar dot from straight behind. Now center the yellow solar dot into the middle of the reticle by using the telescope mount controls. If found convenient, indicate your own center mark onto the reticle with a pencil.

Pay utmost attention to safely cover the front aperture of your telescope (or any other optical device aiming at the Sun) with a suitable solar filter, for instance AstroSolar® film.


Additional Information

Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2957315
EAN Code 4047825040220
Length (mm) 210 mm (8.5")
Objective Lenses 40 mm
Magnification (x) 1x
Adjustment Gradation 1 MOA per click / 48 clicks per revoution
Waterproof Waterresistant and Fogproof
Dovetail Compatibility Fits directly on 11mm Weaver micro gunrails, and with standard adapter (not included) onto Weaver- und Picatinny rails
Batteries 1 CR2032 (included)
Included Items
Finderscope Illuminated, 2 MOA (minute of arc) Red Dot

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Marco 197/07/2023 17/07/202316:07
  • Rating:
Sonne gefunden innerhalb weniger Sekunden
Was rechtfertigt einen Sucher für diesen Preis, wenn man damit eigentlich nur die Sonne finden will?

Ich nutze den SkySurfer V eigentlich nur, um die Sonne schnell zu finden (für die Nacht nutze ich ein Telrad,, da ich mit Leuchtpunktsuchern nicht zurecht komme).
Montiert ist er auf einem Triband 8", und hier macht sich schon einmal die Stärke der Standard Basis bemerkbar. Denn ich muss die Platte nur in die, für Zubehör, wie Sucherschienen, o.ä., vorgesehene Schraubverbindung montieren, und den Sucher aufschieben und festziehen.
Dadurch, dass die Gewinde auf dem Triband, für die Standard Basis genau passen, ist eine Ausrichtung des Suchers nicht mehr notwendig.
Wichtig ist auch, dass der SkySurfer V, durch die höhere Aufnahme, über den vorderen Hitzeschild hinausragt.
Wo das Aufsuchen der Sonne mit einem 50er Sucher (mit aufgestecktem Weißlichtfilter), bis zu 20 Minuten (ja selbst ein großer gelber Ball am Himmel, kann schwer zu finden sein) dauerte (selbst früh um 08.30 Uhr schweißtreibend), habe ich jetzt in 5 Sek. die genaue Ausrichtung erreicht.
Die Investition hat sich somit vollends gelohnt, auch wenn ich den Preis nicht unbedingt so hoch sehe.
  • Verarbeitung, Konzept
  • Preis
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Michael Bethke 63/03/2023 05/03/202308:36
  • Rating:
SkySurfer V
Mein Fazit nach dem Kauf und wechsel meines Sucher auf den SkySurfer V haben sich gelohnt (da ich Brillenträger bin!).Grösseres Sichtfeld im Sucher ,lrobustes Gehäuse ,Schutzvorrichtung (Springdeckel)gehen nicht verloren in der Nacht….,schnelle Suche bei tagsüber Suche z.Bsp. Sonnenbeobachtung
Positiv: leichtes Gewicht,robust,grosses Sichtfeld
Negativ: beim Rotpunkt habe ich bei Stufe 7-10 Strahlen nach unten also kein runder Rotpunkt
Suche noch die Feineinstellung ,nicht in der Onlinebeschreibung gefunden
  • Guter robuster Abstandshalter
  • Rotpunkt strahlt leider leicht nach unten (kein runder Rotpunkt
Show more comments (-5) Hide comments
Josef Grandits 348/12/2021 15/12/202106:35
  • Rating:
Produkte bewerten
Nachtrag Fotos damit man meinen großen Stolz sieht.

  • alles
  • gar nichts
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Josef Grandits 348/12/2021 15/12/202106:24
  • Rating:
Produkte bewerten
Meine Ist Josef Grandits,ich kann ihnen nur mitteilen das die Produkte, die ich bei Baader Planetarium erworben habe, die besten
sind die es Weltweit gibt.Für jedes Produkt von Firma Baader bin sehr glücklich,das es mir gehört und ich würde es um keinen
Preis verkaufen.Man kann nur sagen das es kein Produkt gibt, das besser wäre als eines vom Baader Planetarium.
Ich wünsche den Baader Plenetarium nur das beste,und herzlichen Dank für diese spitzen Produkte,die ich nur weiter empfelen
  • alles
  • gar nichts
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Louis 94/04/2019 05/04/201909:47
  • Rating:
Skysurfer etc.
Ich habe das Celestron Nexstar 127 Mak, die Grundausstattung ist sicher nicht schlecht, aber nach einiger Zeit habe ich diese ersetzt. Durch das Turret mit den Okularen, das Hyperion Zoom, das Zenitprisma und den Skysurfer von Baader. Das Resultat: Die Investition lohnt sich, die Qualität überzeugt allemal. In einer sternklaren Nacht ist jeder Blick durch das Teleskop eine wahre Freude. Die Verarbeitung, die Benutzerfreundlichkeit auch im Dunklen, das alles zeigt, dass dieses Zubehör jeden Euro Wert ist. Für mich eine klare Kaufempfehlung.
  • Die Qualität des Produktes!
  • Leider kann ich nichts kritisieren!
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