Baader Sky Surfer V illuminated finder

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Baader Sky Surfer V illuminated finder

# 2957310

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  • New since 07/2016: SkySurfer V works now in dual function ("day &night"), as precise solar-finder as well. The scope of supply now does contain an adhesive recticle, to mount (to stick) onto the outside of the rear glass protecting hood, as well as a frontside bounce cover with a 0.7 mm center bore, to safely project an ever so tiny solar image onto the rear recticle
  • Incl. Baader-Standard-Base #2457000+ V -Bracket #2457010
  • Sealed waterproof and completely made of black anodized metal. Weight Viewfinder: without adapter to the telescope 282 g / 394 g with adapter
  • Long dew shields are mounted before and behind the lens to prevent fogging
  • The 1: 1 objective lens is non-reflective and darkens the sky much lower from than competitive-seekers

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Vos to change thé batterie ?
Question by: Paulgonnet on Aug 3, 2017 11:57:00 AM | 1 Answer(s)
Will the DSLR hot-shoe adapter that works with the Sky-surfer III, work with the Sky-surfer V? If not, where can I obtain a hot-shoe adapter for the Baader Sky-surfer V?
Thanks for any information.
Question by: gregory t on Apr 16, 2018 8:31:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)
Is it possible to mount the scope on the farther end of the Celestron SCT 8", using the single dovetail screw instead of the two screws or would that be too much weight for the single screw to hold?
Question by: Jan on Jun 4, 2018 5:21:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)


New Version of SkySurfer V, Mod. 2016 now available to include Solarfinder-Recticle and springloaded bounce cover w. center bore hole

SkySurfer V: scope of supply

This day&night "dual-purpose" version of the SkySurfer V/2016 is available now – the price does not change.

Note the detailed manual under the tab "Downloads". Also please urgently see the corresponding info about solar observation under Newly added are: one selfadhesive solar-finder recticle and one springloaded front bounce cover with 0.7 mm center bore hole. This item must be press-mounted onto the front 40 mm dew prevention tube and can stay closed at all times during the day, only to be opened during nightwork.

Sky Surfer V - scope of supply

  1. Sky Surfer V red dot finder
  2. Dew shields (two pc)
  3. Baader V-bracket #2457010
  4. Baader standard-base #2457000
  5. Front dust cap with bounce cover and centered 0.7 mm bore hole, to work as solar finder when cover is cloed
  6. Rear dust-cap with clear glass inset, to mount the opaque crossheir screen
  7. Diffusing (opaque) crosshair screen for attaching it onto the rear dust cap, if required

Test Review:

Read here a test review about the SkySurfer V on

Please note the detailed manual under the tab "Downloads"


Additional Information

Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2957310
Weight (kg) 0.472

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Steve Ringwood 283/10/2017 11/10/201708:31
  • Rating:
Baader Planetarium Sky Surfer V - latest version
The red dot finder (RDF) has by tradition existed as a rather diminutive add-on to a telescope’s tube furniture. (Like a grass-hopper nervously gripping an oak tree.) It is either placed there by the manufacturer as a cheaper alternative to an optical finder, or as a cursory stepping stone prior to a finder-scope taking over. Not so the Baader Sky Surfer V.

With the Sky Surfer V, Baader have raised the dignity of RDF unity finders. This new full-sized form is able to stand proudly as a fully-fledged instrument in its own right. Indeed, it has the size and appearance of a good quality conventional optical finder. It borrows much from its military pedigree and the high standards of that discipline are much in evidence, combined with a styling that is simple and elegant. I recently acquired one of these RDFs and I cannot recommend it too highly.

The large diameter barrel makes it so easy to position the eye for use – no searching around for that elusive line of sight on this one (or even the RDF itself!).. The LED has 11 levels of brightness, so can be set with incredible finesse to the observer’s requirements; for anything from daylight use to the most profoundly dark deep sky site imaginable.

The Sky Surfer V is a sleek and robust instrument made from black-anodised metal, obviously designed from the outset to last. The innards are protected too; the red-dot mechanism is within an o-ring sealed casing and additional dew-caps for the main enclosure prevent moisture deposition on the astronomically coated optics - so the finder is ever ready to perform whatever the observing environment.

Collimating the targeting spot to the main telescope is via large slotted screws adjustable with a flat screwdriver or coin – and I know which is more likely to be in my pocket at a remote site. When not in use, these adjusters have metal covers (just like gun-sights) that preclude inadvertent alteration.

Surrounding the tightly defined red dot, the invisible optical screen is non-reflective and dark – even faint stars are cleanly visible through it.

But Baader have not rested on these laurels. Since July 2017, Baader have upgraded the Sky Surfer V to perform as a Sun finder too. A fore-mounted pinhole can be deployed that projects the Sun’s light on to a frosted graticle fitted to the rear clear cap. I find this works beautifully since you can see the Sun’s position over a wide angle – and so easy to bring it to the centre.

It is quite simply a lovely thing that makes all the others look clunky and it’s always great to have an excuse to use it.
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Wallner Reinhard 293/10/2016 20/10/201605:16
  • Rating:
Red Dot Finder
Endlich einmal ein professionelles Produkt, bei dem nichts wackelt. Es geht sehr präzise einzustellen. Der riesen Vorteil: Geht für Sonnenbeobachtung und für Nachtbeobachtung.
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ChristophK 259/09/2016 16/09/201607:43
  • Rating:
Geniales Werkzeug - super einfach
Ich habe den Skysurfer 5 am C14 EHD und RASA und kann den Skysurfer nur TOP bewerten. Die lange Suche nach einem Sucher hatte damit ein ENDE!

BG, Christoph Kaltseis
  • Stabil nach der Justage, einfache Handhabung, tolle Einstellung der Helligkeit des Lichtpunktes,
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3 Item(s)

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