Baader Narrowband-/Highspeed Filter Selector

When selecting an (Ultra-)Narrowband/Highspeed filter, multiple factors must be considered

Detailed information about the newly introduced f/3 filter category and the influencing factors in filter selection, as well as detailed explanations why our high-speed filters must have a preshift to the respective center wavelength, can be found in this blog post and whitepaper.
  1. Desired Filter Wavelength (H-alpha / OIII / SII)
  2. Average Working Temperature
  3. Needed Halfbandwidth (6.5nm or 3.5/4nm)

After selecting the above criteria, a graphic will appear from which you can determine the required filter category based on this information:

  • Aperture ratio f/# (x-Axis)
  • Central Obstruction in % (y-Axis)