Baader FCCT II for RASA 8" – suitable for Ø 90 mm QHY-Cameras (e.g. QHY 268 / 294 / 533)

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Baader FCCT II for RASA 8" – suitable for Ø 90 mm QHY-Cameras (e.g. QHY 268 / 294 / 533)

# 2459071

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  • Filter changer and Tilter (mechanical image position corrector), specially designed for Celestron RASA 8" Astrograph and QHY cameras with 90 mm diameter (e.g. QHY 268M (version before June 2023) / 294 / 533)
  • The Baader FCCT (Filter Changer Camera Tilter) allows the use of filters as well as the adjustment of camera plus filter to the optical path
  • With the FCCT, a very fast adjustment or finest readjustments are possible - without having to unscrew the camera each time. This makes working with the RASA 8 a pleasure
  • 3D-printed filter sliders are available for the FCCT, which exclusively accommodate unmounted filters with diameters of 31 mm / 36 mm and 2" (w/o cell)
  • We offer selected 2" filters specifically for the FCCT in an unmounted variant, but basically all Baader 2" filters will work when removed from the filter cell

Update June 2023: Note on the FCCT II for QHY268M Mono Camera:

The QHY268M mono camera with new position of the heating board (hotplate was raised by QHY by about 5mm) is unfortunately NOT compatible anymore with the Baader FCCT II.

Mechanically, an adaptation of the FCCT II to the new version of the QHY268M is still possible, but due to the adaptation of the heating plate, the backfocus in connection with the FCCT II has shifted by 5 mm. Thus, the optical backfocus can no longer be maintained. We are currently working on an FCCT III to ensure compatibility with the QHY268M again. However, the completion will still take some time. The previous version of the QHY268M (before June 2023) is still compatible with the FCCT II.

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If removed from the 2” cell, will the Baader Neodymium Moon and Skyglow Filter fit into a FCCT 47.4mm filter slider?
Question by: Dave on Dec 12, 2022 5:16:00 AM | 1 Answer(s)

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Scope of supply:

  • Baader FCCT II with inserted dark slider and two 0.5mm spacer rings for focus finetuning
  • extra long 2mm hexagon screwdriver as torque wrench (28cm long), as well as short 0.9mm, 1.3mm and 1.5mm hex keys
  • Three M2 hexagon socket screws for camera adaption
  • Filter-Extractor-Tool for inserting/extracting the filter drawer
  • Storage bag for four filter holders (to be purchased separately)
  • 1 Pair Cotton Cloves for mounting sensitive accessories (#2905050 , € € 5.50)
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Additional Information

Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2459071
EAN Code 4047825044723
Net weight (kg) 0.160
Optical length (mm) 21.75mm. (incl. 2x 0,5mm Spacer wich can be added)
Outer Diameter 93mm
Type of Adapter Camera Adapter

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