Baader FCCT (Filter Changer Camera Tilter) for RASA 8" and QHY cameras

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Baader FCCT (Filter Changer Camera Tilter) for RASA 8" and QHY cameras

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  • Filter changer and Tilter (mechanical image-plane corrector), specially designed for Celestron RASA 8" Astrograph and QHY cameras
  • The Baader FCCT (Filter Changer Camera Tilter) allows the use of filters as well as the image position correction / fine adjustment of camera and filters. Depending on the camera model, you will need one of the following FCCT versions:
    • FCCT I for RASA 8" – suitable for QHY cameras with 77 mm diameter (e.g. QHY 174 / 163 / 183)
    • FCCT II for RASA 8" – suitable for QHY cameras with 90 mm diameter (e.g. QHY 268 / 294 / 533)
  • The Baader FCCT (Filter Changer Camera Tilter) allows the use of filters as well as the adjustment of camera plus filter to the optical path
  • With the FCCT, a very fast adjustment or finest readjustments are possible - without having to unscrew the camera each time. This makes working with the RASA 8 a pleasure
  • 3D-printed filter sliders are available for the FCCT, which exclusively accommodate unmounted filters with diameters of 31 mm / 36 mm and 2" (w/o cell)
  • We offer selected 2" filters specifically for the FCCT in an unmounted variant, but basically all Baader 2" filters will work when removed from the filter cell

Update January 2023: Note on the FCCT II for QHY 268C color camera

The QHY 268C color camera short version ( QHY268C PH, BSI Cooled Medium Size APS-C Camera (#1931092 , € 2460) ) is now compatible with Baader FCCT II for RASA 8".

The previous model QHY268C in standard outfit with ring dovetail is NOT compatible with the FCCT II.

Price as configured: Incl. Tax: € 0.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 0.00

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If removed from the 2” cell, will the Baader Neodymium Moon and Skyglow Filter fit into a FCCT 47.4mm filter slider?
Question by: Dave on Dec 12, 2022 5:16:00 AM | 1 Answer(s)

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This is a more practical question. After attaching Baader FCCT to QHY camera and attaching to 8" RASA, can the camera be quickly removed for transport and field-attached with the required precission? And how to do it - by using the Celestron retaining ring? Otherwise - is there any recommended way to transport telescope with camera attached? Also another question - can the combination be used w/o any filter? Or is use of a filter mandatory due to backfocus impact?
Question by: Pawel Lancucki on Feb 11, 2023 2:12:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

Rating of Question

This is more of an answer than a question! I now have the FCCT II and a QHY286C Short BFL and this combination works! You have to make sure it is the new Short Back Focal Length version of the 268C. Also the screws included with the FCCT II and the original screws were too short so I had to purchase a 3 M2x20mm screws to attach the FCCT II to the QHY268C Short BFL. I purchased my camera from Agena Astro in the USA. Thanks Baader Planetarium! My tilt is eliminated!
Question by: Dave on Dec 12, 2022 2:32:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

Rating of Question

I would like to connect this to both my qhy 268M and qhy 294M cameras. For the 268M, I need a male or female M54 connection on the lens/telescope side, for the 294M, I need a female M42 thread for a nikon bayonnet. Is this possible?
Question by: Luke on Jan 24, 2023 8:07:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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Will the FCCT also become available for ZWO cameras?
Question by: Victor on Feb 9, 2022 12:43:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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Baader FCCT (Filter Changer Camera Tilter)

The Baader FCCT was designed  exclusively for Celestron's RASA 8 Astrograph and QHY cameras. It is a filter changer with camera adjustment mechanism for covering the largest possible field size that the RASA8 can suppply, enabling sharp image corners and ultimately fast fine corrections to the optical plane. The Baader FCCT (Filter Changer Camera Tilter) allows quick filter exchange as well as very easy correction of field any existing tilt – without having to remove the camera from the RASA 8" each time.

FCCT I with QHY 163M on RASA 8

Celestron's most transportable astrograph, the RASA 8" – Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph, ccan capture spectacular deep-sky wide-angle images in seconds. This incredibly fast f/2.0 system is the perfect telescope for modern astronomical CMOS color cameras, smaller CCD cameras and mirrorless cameras. What would otherwise require several nights of exposure time can be accomplished with the RASA in a single night – in principle. Until now, the most severe obstacle was to get the stars in each corner of the chip really round and minimized in size. To do this, the camera had to be removed in order to reach the adjustment screws in the front of the Schmidt plate. But whenever the camera is put back in place, unavoidably this will result in a small lateral offset of the mechanical image train, which causes another corner of the image to show slightly distorted stars. This problem is solved by using the FCCT since nothing needs to be disassembled anymore.

Only the RASA 8 has the image plane is so close to the Schmidt plate that the original front adjustment screws cannot be reached as soon as a camera is connected. To remedy this shortcoming, the FCCT can accommodate specially designed, 3D-printed thin filter drawers and, in addition, precisely align the chip plane within fractions of a millimeter by means of easily accessible adjustment screws positioned 120° apart at the side of the filter chamber. This makes working with the RASA 8 a pleasure, without having to fight for a perfect image position for a long time.

FCCT II with QHY 268M on RASA 8

For the FCCT, we offer three sizes of 3D-printed filter drawers that exclusively accommodate unmounted filters with diameters of 31 mm / 36 mm and 2" (unmounted diameter = 47.4 mm). Smaller filters than 31mm very often lead to vignetting in the image corners even with small chip sizes and force cropping of the image content – leading to correspondingly unhappy customers. For this reason we do not offer the smallest possible filter size of (unmounted) 1¼" filters for the RASA 8". The large angle of view of 14 degrees forces to choose filters as large as possible to avoid image deterioration at the corners as well as vignetting and reflections. A filter should at minimum be 20% larger in diameter than the chip diagonale

The design of the Baader FCCT is of revolutionary importance for the successful use of the RASA 8. The performance of this RASA 8 optics is praised everywhere in the highest tones - only the difficult (better impossible) adjustment of the stars in the chip corners was a nuisance from the beginning. Many users have to work on the move and often did settle for a somewhat blurred image corner in order not to lose precious exposure time.

Digital post-processing of such images then consumes much more time. Already in the test phase of the FCCT very good image results have been achieved by well-known astrophotographers: RASA 8": Extreme image results by Michael Jäger

Scope of supply:

  • FCCT I or FCCT II with inserted dark slider and two 0.5mm spacer rings for focus finetuning
  • extra long 2mm hexagon screwdriver as torque wrench (28cm long), as well as short 0.9mm, 1.3mm and 1.5mm hex keys
  • Three M2 hexagon socket screws for camera adaption
  • Filter-Extractor-Tool for inserting/extracting the filter drawer
  • Storage bag for four filter holders (to be purchased separately)
  • 1 Pair Cotton Cloves for mounting sensitive accessories (#2905050 , € 5.5)

FCCT Alternatives and recommended accessories

Baader UFC-System (Universal-Filter-Changer) and Baader/Zeiss M68-System with Tilters

UFC-Tilter on the UFC-Base

For all RASA optics, especially for the RASA 11 and RASA 36 models, the UFC (Universal Filter Changer) always remains the first choice to take full advantage of the excellent contrast performance of this most modern of all Schmidt cameras together with CMOS-optimized Baader f/2 (Ultra) high-speed filters. The combination of UFC filter drawer and UFC filter has long enabled comfortable work on the two large RASA models.

Due to the short backfocus of the RASA 8, only the use of the UFC filter drawer was possible on the smallest Celestron astrograph for a long time. With the help of the Baader UFC S70 RASA 8" Telescope-Adapter (optical height: 1.4 mm) (#2459136 , € 85) , cameras with 13mm backfocus and T-2 female thread - like the ATIK Horizon - could also be used on the RASA 8, together with all regular filters. To do this, the original Celestron coupling nut and adapter plate must be removed and the UFC adapter screwed directly onto the RASA 8 primary thread. Only the adjustment of the optics is complicated, because due to the design the UFC body overhangs the adjustment screws in the Schmidt plate plane. The only thing that this design lacks (only in the case of the RASA 8 optics) is easy access to the pull and push screws of the field alignment lenses in the RASA 8 Schmidt plate plane – hence the resulting development of the FCCT.

With the larger RASA 11 and 36 optics, more backfocus is available, so for this we recommend only using the UFC filter changer system, in conjunction with a  Baader UFC-Tilter (#2459146 , € 276) (mechanical image-plane corrector), where these components in combination perform the same function as the FCCT for the RASA 8. However, the UFC filter changer does not require ultra-thin filter drawers, but makes the full range of standard filters usable. The UFC-tilter also makes it possible not to have to remove the camera when you need to correct the image position of the chip.

Another choice is the Baader M68-Tilter (#2458170 , € 255)  whenever the UFC is not required and a filter wheel is attached to the camera or no filters are needed when imaging for example with a DSLR or CMOS/CCD color camera.

CMOS-optimized Baader Filters

CMOS-optimized Baader f/2 (Ultra-) Highspeed-Filters

For all extremely fast astrographs with focal ratios around f/2, special filters are needed. For these telescopes we offer two families of CMOS optimized f/2 Highspeed and f/2 Ultra Highspeed filters. The filter choice has to be decided by the sky quality. Out of the abundance of light from cities, excellent results are obtained with f/2 Ultra-Highspeed filters. For only moderately brightened night skies, the 6.5nm f/2 Highspeed filters are a good and very affordable choice. With conventional filters, which are designed for the relaxed focal ratio of classical telescopes, a shift of the central wavelength (CWL) occurs when applied to fast astrographs. In extreme cases, the CWL of a nebula region may even be completely outside the half-width of a filter. Therefore, specially manufactured f/2 filters are indispensable for such optics. 

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Dave 345/12/2022 12/12/202214:08
  • Rating:
Confirmation that the FCCT II works with the QHY268C Short BFL version!
No one could answer if the the FCCT II would work with the newer QHY 286C Short Back Focal Length version of their camera which has the same back focus and mounting flange as the 268M which is 12.5mm. I took the gamble and ordered the combination and it worked! I think I had an older version of the FCCT II as I did have to provide my own M2x20mm screws to connect the camera to the FCCT II but I am very happy now with this as I have eliminated all tilt from my RASA 8! The only problem is finding filters that will work with OSC cameras that will fit in the filter trays so I ordered the Baader UHS-C Nebula Booster 2" and Baader Neodymium 2" which will replace my IDAS NBZ and LPS-D3. Baader please create a dual narrowband filter like the NBZ for all of us OSC users out there! Thanks!
  • It works with the QHY286C Short BFL!
  • Was missing screws with the proper length but easily can purchase from hardware store or Amazon.
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Christoph Kaltseis 184/07/2022 04/07/202213:40
  • Rating:
FCCT mit dem RASA 8 und der QHY268M
Dass am RASA 8 f2.0 nur 22mm Chip Diagonale bestens funktionieren sollen, kann ich hier wiederlegen;
Die QHY 268M hat 28,5mm und das Bild ist der Chip der QHY 268M am Rasa , ohne crop!
Die NGC 2903 als LRGB!
Nur 400mm Brennweite!

Kann man damit Galaxien aufnehmen? Ja, wenn das System gut funktioniert, sind alle größeren Gx kein Problem.
Hier die NGC 2903 in 50% der originalen Größe als LRGB.
Belichtet mit dem RASA 8 f2.0 + Baader FCCT + QHY 268M insgesamt 147min;
Mount: CGX und Autoguiding StarAID-B
CS, Christoph
  • ALLES!!!!
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SamA 84/03/2022 26/03/202222:22
  • Rating:
Happy with the results, although came with wrong screws
FCCT II was supplied with the wrong M2 screws for use with my 294, however the original screws were just about long enough to be reused, I have had to order some that are the correct length.
Original screws are 12mm, supplied screws are 10mm.

The results however have been great, I set it up in the defaul position and the tilt is almost completely eliminated, I don't think it's even worth trying to adjust it, as it's near perfect and much better than I was getting from the standard camera adapter.

  • Good results
  • supplied with wrong parts.
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P. Bresseler 356/12/2021 23/12/202108:11
  • Rating:
Now the the collimation process with the FCCT is easy
Collimation is difficult task. Baader has provided me a prototype of the FCCT and I am excited, cause now the the collimation process is easy.

The FCCT consists of three elements, adapter ring for fixing to RASA, collimation unit (with filter slider) The FCCT is screwed to the camera. The camera can be tilted by a maximum of 0.4 to 0.5 mm. Backfocus without camera, 21.5 mm, with camera 28.0 mm.

There are 3 pairs of screws at 120° distance, which can be used to do movements in all directions (lateral movement and vertical movement). It is a very cool und helpfull utility. The FCCT might be interesting for all RASA 8 users.

You see image results and more information on my website
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