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Complete Catalog for Baader Standard Domes (AllSky or Classic Slit-Dome) and Turn-Key Observatory Solutions

Our company is specialized in the production of thermally insulated, hermetically sealed domes for private and professional use.
We offer two product lines of fiber reinforced polyester domes:

  • Classic Observatory Slit-Domes (up to 30°/s rotation speed)
  • AllSky Domes with 180° full sky view

Above all, however, we manufacture turn-key complete observatories – with all components from one source.

Please read our detailed Catalog for Baader standard domes  (AllSky or Classic Slit-Dome) and Turn-Key Observatory Solutions.

We would be pleased if you will consider our services for your future planning of an observation ground station and would like to make a preliminary remark:

We do not publish price lists but calculate each dome project exactly tailored to the customer's requirements and climatic conditions.

We will gladly provide you with a confidential offer following an NDA agreement, but in any case we need the following information about your observatory project in advance:

Which type of observatory meets your needs requirements? Depending on your specifications / demands, either a Classic Split-Dome or an AllSky Dome may be more suitable for you.
At which location should the observatory be built? (e.g. mountain-site, height, accessibility, coordinates if possible)
What are the climatic conditions at the installation site? (high heat, cold, dust, humidity, slope / outdoor / forest location etc.)
Do you want to build on an existing building? What is the condition of the building, especially the ceilings above which the observatory is to be installed (plan drawings, sketches, photos)?
How would you like to control the dome, respectively all electronic consumers inside? (locally on the device, remote or robotic?)
Which space do your instruments require?
A sketch of the instrument length in movement, the instrument center of gravity or the total width of an instrument package on the mount is required.
Do you also need suggestions or advice for the instrument combination?
For products purchased from us, we can provide planning assistance, if necessary, as well as technical presentation of dome and instruments

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To clarify: our domes are not cheap in view of a starting price of about € 30.000 for the smallest non-motorized Classic domes - but they are "worth their price".

You do not have to worry about further major costs over the entire service life. Maintenance or repairs are rarely necessary, obsolescence is NOT planned for. So you don't get a lifelong "project" where you have to do regular rework or repairs yourself to keep everything running. We offer solutions which are insulated and hermetically sealed in order to give you absolute control over which climate you want to maintain inside the dome.

We have been manufacturing domes for over 45 years. These have to function reliably without maintenance in the background even at locations with extreme requirements and allow the user to concentrate fully on actual tasks: whether it is an activity as a dedicated amateur astronomer or a scientific/commercial application for permanent data acquisition. The individual parts of each dome, from bearings to mechanics and seals, are not "off the shelf", but are designed by us with experience gained in over 50 years of company history. This enables us to give a 10 year guarantee for dust, snow and water tightness as well as storm resistance up to 250 km/h of our dome structures. In order to guarantee a long lasting function without unnatural wear and tear, the assembly on site is exclusively carried out by our experienced installers and engineers.

Our value proposition:

Following an order procedure, the individually offered total price in particular also does include detailed consultation - also with architects - so that the foundation to be provided, its isolation and the entire building preparation, corresponds to the local requirements, in the best possible way.

There are suppliers/manufacturers who offer similar dome sizes at a fraction of our price, unfortunately few customers have the possibility to experience the differences by direct comparison, as it took place in the left illustrated (german) test report from Kai v. Schauroth  Vom Teleskopkomposter zur Sternwarte, as well as in the detailed comparison Experiences with observatory domes of Baader planetarium and other brands by Wolfgang Paech.

You can also read here how our customers evaluate their Baader domes even after longer periods of time::

After 10 years (german):

After 20 years (german):

After 30 years:

Discover this dome installation also on our world map.

Discover this dome installation also on our world map.

Discover this dome installation also on our world map.

If you value quality and longevity more than the price, we will gladly be your partner.