Baader Adapter M82/M68

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Baader Adapter M82/M68

# 2458198

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  • Adapter M82/M68
  • Reducer ring for Baader 3" Hyperion Focuser

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Baader M68 Tele-Compendium

Telescope connection for Baader FFC and telecentric Systems

Scope of Supply of the M68-Tele-Compendium
Anwendungsbeispiele des M68-Tele-Compendiums
Examples of M68 tele-compendium

Telescopes which are used for photography on a professional level need to avoid any deflexure under load. This flexure is is no problem if you observe only visual, but for photography or spectroscopy any deficiencies will make your results unusable. So, you do not only need a sturdy mount with a robust connection to the telescope, but also a very good focusser – with a sturdy connection to equipment like cameras or others sensors, especially if they are used with long accessories like telecentric systems. Usually, these accessories are only attached with a simple plug-in connection. Even with good, self-centering eyepiece-holders with brass clamping ring long accessories can tilt because of the long lever. This tilt will impair professional operation. There is no better adaption than a generously sized screw coupling.

The Baader M68 Tele-Compendium solves this problem. It combines the function of a photographic compendium or matte box, which is a versatile lens hood, with a very sturdy and variable telecope adapter – that's why we have chosen the name Tele-Kompendium. This set is based on the M68-thread which is also used on the large Zeisstelescopes. Because of this, M68 is quite common and perfect for a sturdy connection of optical accessories like the Fluorit Flatfield Converter (FFC) for photographung the planets or a Telecentric System together with H-alphasytems for solar observation.

Connections of the Baader Tele-Compendium

The Tele-Kompendium is screwed onto the telescope. On the telescope side, there are threads for 2,7" (Astro Physics), M68 (Zeiss), M60 (Vixen) and a female M56-thread (Synta). There are optinal adapters for the following systems avaiable:

  • TEC/Feathertouch-focusers
  • Baader 3" Steeltrack- und Hyperion-focusers
  • Pentax-SD-telescopes
  • Takahashi
  • Celestron (3,3"-SC-thread)
  • Zeiss (M68 quick changer)

FFC or Telecentric System are coupled by a T-2-thread at the telescope-side of the Tele-Kompendiums. On the eyepiece side there is the Baader Ultrashort Adapter, which offers a M68-thread as well as standard 2“ eyepiece holder with brass ring and two locking screws to avoid tilting. A 2“/T2 nosepiece is also included – there are many accessories avaiable which use the T-2-thread. Because the 2“-connection is at the far end of the setup, the leverage effect is reduced – and brass clamping ring and two locking screws hold the accessories firmly in place.

The seperate extension tubes enable you to use the system with variable length according to the needs of your setup to achieve the best resultsuse every distance. At the same time, stray light is blocked – no light from the outside can diminish the contrast, and the inside of the telecompendium is carefully blacked.

Optionally available Telescope Adapters of the M68-Tele-Compendium.
Optionally available telescope adapters for the M68-Tele-Compendium.


Additional Information

Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2458198
EAN Code 4047825010018
Net weight (kg) 0.07
Optical length (mm) 15
Inner Diameter / Clear Aperture (mm) 67
Outer Diameter 89
Adaptable to Baader 3" Hyperion focuser
Inner Connection (eyepiece/-camera-sided) M68 x 1
Outer Connection (lens sided) M82
Compatible Brands Baader Planetarium
Type of Adapter Reducing Adapter
Adapters Family M68 System

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William 87/03/2020 28/03/202008:58
  • Rating:
Links large Riccardi Reducer to Baader M68 gear - with some work and lubrication.
I bought this to link the camera side M82 female thread on the large Riccardi Reducer to my M68 imaging train including the UFC system.

It now works well (see image) but I had to deal with two issues:

1. My copy is an extremely tight fit on my copy of the Riccardi Reducer. At first I thought the thread on one of the parts was damaged as I could only get half a turn on but having gone over both with a magnifying glass it was clear that both threads were OK. I had to use some suitable lubricant (WD40) and a large jam jar opener to slowly loosen up the link and now I can screw it on by hand. Of course the last thing you want is a loose fit but I think the tolerance is a bit low on the diameters.

2. On the M68 side the details of the thread geometry as such that while you get a good lock with the M68 male telescope side adapter of the UFC system (two whole 360 turns), with the TS-optics M68 adapters only about a single turn is available due to differences in thread positioning.
  • Provides secure link from large Riccardi Reducer to UFC system.
  • Needed lubrication and work to fit M82 to reducer; poor link to TS M68.
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