Baader 2" Four-in-One Adapter M68 (Zeiss) / 2.7" (A.P.) / M60 (Vixen) / M56 (Synta)

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Baader 2" Four-in-One Adapter M68 (Zeiss) / 2.7" (A.P.) / M60 (Vixen) / M56 (Synta)

# 2458190

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  • Holds all all Zeiss devices - with 68mm thread (with 19mm optical height)
  • Keeps all Vixen Optics - with 60mm thread on the focus tube (with 24mm optical height)
  • Keeps all Astrophysics refractors with 2.7 "thread (with 13mm optical height)
  • Keeps all Skywatcher- / Celestron refractors, all Synta optics - with 56mm thread on 2 "eyepiece holder (with 31mm optical height)

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i need an adapter for a Vixen ED103S. I would like the adapter to screw 0nto the the M60 female thread on the focal reducer, and reduce down to a threaded M48 ort M42 male thread for connecting the imager - all threaded connercvtions if possible.
haver anything?
Question by: richard colman on Nov 8, 2020 10:18:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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Does the Baader 2" Four-in-One Adapter M68 (Zeiss) / 2.7" (A.P.) / M60 (Vixen) / M56 (Synta) fit into the Astro Physics 27TVPH reducer, like the Astro Physics adaptor ADA2003A?
Question by: Graham Hutchings on Jul 28, 2023 10:14:00 AM | 1 Answer(s)

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2458190
EAN Code 4047825010063
Net weight (kg) 0.17
Optical length (mm) 19, 13, 24, 31
Clamping System Screw clamps
Screw Type 2x M4 clamping screws
Inner Diameter / Clear Aperture (mm) 50,8 (2")
Outer Diameter 75
Inner Connection (eyepiece/-camera-sided) ø 2" (50.8mm)
Outer Connection (eyepiece/-camera-sided) M68 x 1
Inner Connection (lens sided) M56 x 1
Outer Connection (lens sided) M60 x 0.75, M68 x 1, 2.7" Thread (68.5 mm)
Compatible Brands UNC, Astro Physics, Baader Planetarium, Celestron, Skywatcher, Vixen, Zeiss
Type of Adapter Eyepiece Clamp

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