AVALON M-Zero Single Arm Mount (various versions available)

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AVALON M-Zero Single Arm Mount (various versions available)

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€ 3,800.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 3,193.28

  • Equatorial-Altazimuth Single-Arm mount with Fast-Reverse technology (no Backlash)
  • with Avalon StarGo GoTo Control System via WiFi or Bluetooth connection from smartphones and tablets
  • Dovetail 3" clamp and Polar Finder
  • with Time-Lapse function
  • incl. Avalon T-90 T-POD tripod - various versions available at the dropdown below

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€ 3,800.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 3,193.28

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5 years warranty


The M-Zero continues Avalon's tradition of cutting edge design and top quality performance in portable observing and Astro-imaging systems.

Avalon Instruments introduces the M-Zero, an Equatorial-Altazimuth Single-Arm mount with Fast-Reverse technology.

The new M-Zero single-arm mount by Avalon Instruments has been designed to revolutionize the world of portable astronomy with both the style and function that Avalon Instruments is known for. Made entirely from anodized aluminum with stainless steel hardware, the low weight and high quality of this mount make it the ideal companion for travelling observers and astro-photographers.

M-Zero Moving

M-Zero is four mounts in one::

T-Pod 90 Tripod
M-Zero with T-Pod 90 Tripod fit in two small bags
  • Standard Equatorial but with no meridian flip,
  • Altazimuth for astronomical use,
  • a time-lapse platform for panoramic pictures.

The great versatility and compact size combined with Avalon's unmistakable style, allows M-Zero to get you to a level where competition stops.


With only 10 kg of total weight (including the brand new T-Pod 90) and 8 kg loading capacity the M-Zero fits in a medium-sized trolley for safe transportation while traveling.



M-Zero features summary:

M-Zero Single Arm Mount

The Avalon M-Zero is a mount integrating solutions making life of amateur astronomers easier, eliminating many technical problems. For example:

  • Single-Arm Equatorial & Altazimuth
  • Fast-Reverse-Technology (belt drive system)
  • No backlash and no maintenance
  • Total mount weight 5,9 kg
  • Max. load capacity for photographic use: 8 kg
  • Max. load capacity for visual use: 10 kg
  • Hand control for manual use
  • AvaLon M-Uno Mount now with new StarGO GoTo Control System (WiFi or Bluetooth version). More about the AVALON StarGo GoTo Control System.
  • Virtual hand control from smartphones and tablets
  • PC control ASCOM compatible
  • Autoguide port ST4
  • Baader Steedrive Port
  • Time-lapse control port for DSLR camers
  • Two Aux ports for motors and Filterwheels
  • 12V DC power supply 0,5A

Detailed information about the revolutionary technology and AVALON Mounts are available here.

AVALON StarGo Control System

The combination of the brand new StarGo GoTo-System with several esclusive functions, the innovative Fast-Reverse technology (belt drive system) and the top-quality construction allows high level performances and autoguided long-exposure astrophotography without time limits - even with telescopes with focal length up to 2m,(8" SCT & 8" RC).

The Avalon StarGo GoTo-System has been designed and manufactured by Avalon to meet all needs, from the beginner to the professional photographer. In Equatorial mode the M-Zero does a meridian flip and relatively long tubes can be used as well. It can also quickly be set in Altazimuth mode for observation with large telescopes and binoculars or to acquire automatic timelapse sequences.

More about the AVALON StarGo GoTo Control System.


  • AVALON Instruments M-Zero Montierung
  • 3", Losmandy type plate
  • Polar Finder
  • Small counterweight for accurate balance
  • Avalon StarGo Control System (Bluetooth or WiFi version)
  • Cardboard box with customized foam

Images on AVALON M-Zero Mount:

Cygnus - NGC7000
Alessandro Milani, Cygnus - NGC7000, Telescope: Takahashi FSQ-85ED, Camera/CCD: Canon / CentralDS EOS 60Da, Guide Teleskop: TecnoSky Sharp Guide 50, Camera guide: lacerta mgen2, Filter: Hutech IDAS LPS D1 clip-on, Pose: Hutech IDAS LPS D1 clip-on: 20×480? ISO800 -16C, Integration: 2.7 hour, Dark: ~11 Flat: ~21, Dark day flat: ~11, Lunar day average: 3.93 days, Lunar average phase: 16.46%, SQM medium: 19.50, Temperature: 16.00, Center AR: 314,617 degrees, Center DEC: 43,723 degrees, Orientation: 136,696 degrees
Alessandro Milani, M13, Teleskop: GSO RC8 Carbon Fiber, Camera CCD: Canon / CentralDS EOS 60Da, Guide Telescope:Vixen FL70S, Camera guide: lacerta mgen2, Software: Iris, Noel Carboni's Astro Tools for PhotoShop, Filter: Hutech IDAS LPS D1 clip-on, Accessory: Avalon Instruments X-Guider
Emanuele Brizioli, Doumpbell, Telescope: Celestron C8HD, Camera/CCD: Sony Alpha55, Autoguide: NO GUIDE!, Shot: 10x120
Emanuele Brizioli, Sonne, Telescope: Sharpstar 65ED + Coronado Filter, Camera/CCD: Sony Alpha 5000, Autoguide: NO GUIDE!,
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