AVALON M-Uno Dual Mount (various versions available)

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AVALON M-Uno Dual Mount (various versions available)

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€ 5,860.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 4,924.37

  • Equatorial Dual Single Arm Mount with Fast-Reverse technology (no Backlash)
  • fully rotating declination axis, which allows the use a second clamp (optional) to hold a second smaller OTA or X-Guider (optional)
  • GP & Losm. 3” clamps can be easily attached to the declination axis
  • with Avalon StarGo GoTo Control System via WiFi or Bluetooth connection from smartphones and tablets
  • Dovetail 3" clamp and Polar Finder
  • ready to accept für Baader, Celestron and Skywatcher tripods

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€ 5,860.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 4,924.37

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Does the base plate fit to Celestron's HD (CPC) Tripod #93493?
Question by: Avalon M-Uno Dual mount on Sep 25, 2019 9:35:00 AM | 1 Answer(s)


5 years warranty
M·Uno Fast Reverse Mount

Avalon - M-Uno Dual

M-Uno Dual Fast Reverse Mount

The M-Uno Dual Fast Reverse mount is a single arm equatorial mount designed for astronomical imaging. Coming with the same RA mechanics and Fast Reverse, Belt driven System, is an upgraded version of the well known M-Uno mount.

The innovation on the M-Uno Dual mount is the new fully rotating Declination axis, which allows the use a second clamp (optional) to hold a second smaller OTA or X-Guider (optional).

Either a standard or adjustable version of the GP & Losm. 3” clamps can be easily attached to the declination axis. Both the adjustable clamps are provided with inox screws to align a second scope (of smaller size compared to the main one used) in order to have both perfectly aligned to the same object or field of view.

As an alternative, also the X-Guider accessory can be attached directly to the declination axis end as it provides a fine alignment of the guide scope itself. The use of a second scope on the new M-Uno Dual will mostly avoid the use of any counterweight !

It is a very unique product in its sector, with a payload of 20-25 kg with counterweight (by use of a sesond scope max. 20kg on each side),  both for visual and photographic applications.

The M-Uno Fast Reverse project is the technological answer to the need of a mount able to definitely solve the frustrating meridian flip issue during long exposure imaging, typical with traditional equatorial mounts: when the scope crosses the meridian, the operator is forced to stop imaging and flip the mount, loosing precious time just around the best position for the object to be imaged (the meridian).

Furthermore, after more than fifteen (15) years of experience on the field and after spending countless hours under the stars, imaging with many different telescopes, the project had the additional goal to eliminate a number of troubles and limitations found on traditional mounts, obtaining a product optimized for SC and rear focus optics, with not too long OTA length. The M-Uno allows very long observing/imaging sessions, without any stop across the meridian.

The Avalon M-Uno is a mount integrating solutions making life of amateur astronomers easier, eliminating many technical problems. For example:

Tooth belt transmission
perfect mount for astroimaging
  • A revolutionary technology: Tooth belt transmission
  • Very sturdy and lightweight fro easy transportation.
  • A handle installed on the body of the mount.
  • No cables around: all the cables connecting the motors to the electronics are inside the mount, so they do not interfere with the hand control unit cables.
  • AvaLon M-Uno Mount now with new StarGO GoTo Control System (WiFi or Bluetooth version). More about the AVALON StarGo GoTo Control System.
  • The surface offers the best anodization process available
  • Blocks on both axes are easy to use even with gloves
  • Ergonomic Knobs for fine tuning both the altitude and the azimuth of the polar axis. The altitude worm is not under the weight of the mount - in contrast with many competing mounts - so it is smooth and very accurate.
  • Quick and robust counterweight shaft clamping, making easy the mount assembly.
  • Polar finder included, for an easier polar alignment
  • Both axes use high quality bearings, for a very fluid motion, with no friction even with heavy payloads, allowing a perfect balance of the mount. Very short damping time.
  • Quick to assemble: the M-Uno mount requires just a few minutes to be ready and long exposure images can be started within minutes
  • Mount easy to balance. Thanks to the very small friction on both RA and DEC. axes, reaching a perfect, very accurate balance is amazingly easy.
  • Adjustable fork to host tubes of different dimensions.
  • Light and very sturdy: the head of the mount weights 15 kg (without counterweights and their shaft) and it can hosts a 200-280mm catadioptric, or a 110-130mm, short focal length refractor.
  • Very short damping time.

In short, the M-uno FAST REVERSE mount is ideal for those travelling astroimagers seeking for long deep sky exposures, even with high focal lengths, without the troubles of meridian crossing with an excellent value for money. Obviously the particular characteristics of the M-uno make it ideal even for use in a permanent location, especially with remote control.

Detailed information about the revolutionary technology and AVALON Mounts are available here.



  • AVALON Instruments M-Uno Mount
  • 3", Losmandy type plate
  • Polar Finder
  • Small counterweight for accurate balance
  • Avalon StarGo Control System (Bluetooth or WiFi version)
  • Cardboard box with customized foam

Astroimages on AVALON M-Uno Mount:

Andromeda Galaxy
Kayron Mercieca, M31 Andromeda Galaxy, M32 and M110 Galaxien in a 4-panel mosaic in L(R+HA)GB. L (Short) = (30 x 60s) x 4, L (Long) = (30 x 600s) x 4, R (Short) = (20 x 60s) x 4, R (Long) = (20 x 600s) x 4, G (Short) = (20 x 60s) x 4, G (Long) = (20 x 600s) x 4, B (Short) = (20 x 60s) x 4, B (Long) = (20 x 600s) x 4, HA = (10 x 900s) x 4, Teleskop: Takahashi FSQ-85ED, Kamera: QSI 660wsg-8, Autoguider: Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2 filters: Astrodon E-Series Gen2 LRGB and Hydrogen-Alpha 3nm
Cosmic Maelstrom M51
Alessandro Falesiedi, OTA: Celestron C11 HD, Aperture:280 mm, Focal length: f20,f10, f7.3, f/6.3, CCD: Starlight Xpress H694 mono, Filters: Baader LHaRGB, Exposure Time: LHaRGB: L: 698 min Ha : 210 min; R: 190min+ 210 halpha (25% 2013); B: 90 min (34% 2013)
Horsehead Nebula B33
Alessandro Falesiedi, OTA: Celestron C11, Camera: SX H694 unbinning, Exposure: Lum: 316 min Red: 20min B: 32 min G: R/B, Cooling: avg - 5°, Acquisition: Astroart, Processing: Iris-AstroArt-PS3, SQM-L: 21.4, NOTE um: 90%
Rosette Nebula
Tom Bramwell, OWL Nebula, OTA: EdgeHD 1100
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