Astro-Physics 130mm f/6.3 StarFire GTX Refractor "Gran Turismo"

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Astro-Physics 130mm f/6.3 StarFire GTX Refractor "Gran Turismo"

# 1400136

€ 11,150.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 9,369.75

  • Apochromatic Triplet Objective
  • Clear aperture 130 mm (5.12"), focal length 819 mm (32.25")
  • Compact, lightweight tube assembly that can be disassembled into two parts with 3.5" Astro-Physics focuser (dual-speed mechanism of the FeatherTouch 9:1 Micro)
  • Incl. dew shield and dustcover, 2.7" 2" and 1.25" adapters as well as carrying case
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130mm f 6,3 StarFire GTX Triplet Apochromat Refractor

"Grand Turismo"

Astro Physics 3,5 Focuser

This refractor is the fourth in the 130 series at Astro-Physics. Long-time followers will recall that Astro-Physics offered a 130mm f/6 StarFire EDFS refractor from 1995. The current model offers some improvements over the last older version.

  • Compact, lightweight tube assembly that can be disassembled into two parts to fit into your carry-on luggage. Optional machined aluminum covers are used to close and protect each end of the tube. Note that the optional covers are attached to the components
  • High qualitiy 3.5" Astro-Physics focuser - silky smooth with a greaseless drawtube and the dual-speed mechanism of the FeatherTouch 9:1 Micro. The dual-speed feature is particularly advantageous for critically focusing this fast focal ratio. A digital focusing system is available for imaging
  • Rotating focuser "captain's wheel" collar will enable you to frame your images for optimal, artistic composition or to keep north up
  • fully retractable felt-lined dewcap slides to its fully extended position and then uses a twist-lock feature to secure it in place
  • Latest multi-coating technology will provide optimum light transmission

The Mach1GTO German Equatorial mount is recommended for visual observation or astro-imaging. The intuitive GoTo Keypad serves as a full-featured mini-computer or you can use a Planetarium program on your PC or Mac computer. You can even control the basic functions of the mount with your mobile smart device.

Optical accessories for the 130GTX

 Optional 0.72x Quad Telecompressor Corrector (#1405380 , € 2350,-)

This Reducer/Corrector reduces the focal length of the 130GTX from 820 to 585 mm and gives you a focal ratio of f/4.5. For a full frame camera (24 x 36 mm) this results in a field of view of 3.5 x 2.4 degree at an image circle of 50.2 mm, diffraction limited and free of vignetting.

As with all optical systems which change the focal length, the distances between lenses and camera sensor have to be kept as exact as possible. This is why there are several camera aptations available for this flattener. Further informaton are available on our website or on the Website of Astro-Physics.


Upgrade the 130 EDF-GT to the new 130 GTX:

130 Starfire EDF-GT owners can celebrate with the knowledge that their 2.7" focusers can be upgraded with the 3.5" focuser and then also use the Quad TCC.

Note: if you already own the 2.7" Prime Focus Field Flattener for the 130mm f/6.3 Starfire EDF, the optics can be installed into the new housing (# 140 5352) for the 3.5" focuser. If you are interested, please contact us.



  • Tube Assembly with 3.5" Focuser, Dew Shield and Dustcover
  • 2.7" 2" and 1.25" Adapters
  • Carrying Case

Mounting rings and/or mounting plates are not included.

For further information and useful accessories about the 130mm f 6,3 StarFire GTX Triplet Apochromat Refractor please visit the original Website of Astro-Physics. If you are interested, please send us an email to kontakt (at) or call us.

Astro images taken with the 130mm f/6.3 StarFire GTX Triplet Apochromat Refractor:

Propeller Nebula
Propeller Nebula (DWB-111 and DWB-119), imaged with SBIG STL-1100 using Field Flattener
12 Panel Mosaic of Cygnus Region
12 Panel Mosaic of Cygnus Region, imaged with SBIG STL-1100 using Quad TCC
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Additional Information

Manufacturer Astro Physics
SKU (#) 1400136
EAN Code 4047825035820
Optical Design Apochromatic Refractor
Aperture (mm) 130 mm (5.1")
Focal Ratio f/6.3
Optical Coatings Multi-layer, broadband, overall transmission greater than 97% in peak visual wavelengths
Magnification (x) 22x to 500x
Tube (Material) Cream white, 5.5" diameter, machined aluminum tube, fully baffled, flat black interior, engraved retaining ring. Convertible for travel. Optional covers to protect the lens and tube when it is disassembled.
Optical length (mm) 724 mm (28.5") with dew shield fully retracted; 864 mm (34.0") with dew shield fully extended. Optical tube with covers for airline travel is 21.0” (533 mm); focuser with cover and adapters is 11.0" (280 mm).
Included Items
Focuser 3.5 " I.D. Focuser with rotating collar with "captain's wheel", rack and pinion, FeatherTouch Micro 9:1 dual-speed reduction, 4.5" travel; 7.3" backfocus, 2.7", 2" and 1.25" adapters. Focuser drawtube features mm focusing scale.

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