Astro-Physics 0.8x CCD Telecompressor for 92mm f/6.65 Stowaway

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Astro-Physics 0.8x CCD Telecompressor for 92mm f/6.65 Stowaway

# 1405333

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  • Astro-Physics 0,80x CCD Telecompressor for 92mm Stowaway Refractor and older 105mm EDT Traveler
  • reduces the focal length to 488mm with a focal ratio of f/5.3
  • Provides a field of view with 40 mm diameter without vignetting (APS-C Sensor) uand delivers a diffraction limited image even at the edge of the image circle
  • Is equal to a field of view with a diameter of 4.2 x 2.9 degrees
  • Works perfectly with 35mm full frame cameras
  • Backfocus spacing: 2.52" (64,1mm)
  • Machined aluminum covers are included

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Astro-Physics 0,80x Focal Reducer/CCD Telecompressor

The 92 Stowaway’s Telecompressor Corrector is used to provide 0.80x image reduction while correcting the field curvature that is inherent in all refracting telescopes. It will provide pin point stars to the very corners of an APS-C camera sensor. It has a corrected image circle of approximately 40 mm.

Requires a 2,5"- DoveLoc-Adapter That comes with the 92mm f/6.65 Stowaway. The system is also compatible with the older Astro Physics 105mm EDT Traveler (the specifications are for the 92mm Stowaway, not for the Traveler). If you are using a Traveler, you will also need to purchase the 2.5" DoveLoc End Cap for AP 2.7" Focusers ( EC2725)

To make your imaging convenient and precise Astro-Physics has incorporated a circular dovetail system into our modern flatteners and TCCs that Astro-Physics call the “DoveLoc”. Three uniquely machined thumbscrews pull the flattener or TCC into a tight and secure lock that makes the optics perfectly orthogonal. What adds to the convenience of the DoveLoc is that loosening the thumbscrews allows your camera to be safely rotated for image composition.

Astro-Physics produces adapters for the popular Canon EOS and Nikon DSLR cameras (DSLR25EOS & DSLR25NIK). If you have another DSLR camera or CCD camera system, then we recommend having a custom adapter made through Precise Parts. The Build-An-Adapter tool has the information that you need and is easy to use.

The Astro-Physics 92mm f/6.65 Stowaway (#1400092 , € 5275,-) uses a very robust 2.5” focuser, however we caution against hanging a large and heavy CCD camera from the optical train. It is a small scope and meant to be portable and fun!

Machined aluminum covers are included.

If you are using a Traveler, you will also need to purchase the 2.5" DoveLoc End Cap for AP 2.7" Focusers.

The technical data of image field flattening and Focal Reducer

Photographic field with dedicated Field Flattener
  • Unvignetted image circle: 50 mm diameter
  • 35 mm format: 3.2 x 2.2 degrees
  • Focal ratio: f/7
  • Focal length: 644 mm
  • Backfocus Spacing: 2.52" (64.1 mm)
Photographic field with 0.8x Telecompressor Corrector
  • Unvignetted image circle: 40 mm diameter
  • 35 mm format: 4.2 x 2.9 degrees
  • Focal ratio: f/5.3
  • Focal length: 488 mm
  • Backfocus Spacing: 2.52" (64.1 mm)
Photographic field with 2x Barlow
  • Image circle: 32 mm diameter, 1.2 degrees
  • Covers APS format
  • Focal ratio: f/13 @ 90 mm backfocus
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Additional Information

EAN Code 4047825041210
Manufacturer Astro Physics
SKU (#) 1405333
Net weight (kg) 0.52
Image Field 40mm diameter
Focal Length 488 mm
Focal Ratio f/5.3
Backfocus 64,1 mm
Optical Format 35mm Format: 4.2 x 2.9 degrees

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