Andor iXon Ultra EMCCDs – high sensitivity and high speed cameras

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Andor iXon Ultra EMCCDs – high sensitivity and high speed cameras

# iXon

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  • Read noise <1e- with EM gain
  • Available with two sensor formats (1024 x 1024 with 13 µm pixel size, 512 x 512 with 16 µm pixel size)
  • High frame rates of up to 26 fps (iXon Ultra 888) and 56 fps (iXon Ultra 897)
  • Higher frame rates possible through ROI selection and pixel binning
  • Various back-illuminated sensor options with >90% QE, optimized for UV, VIS and NIR
  • TE cooling of the sensor down to -100°C for negligible dark noise
  • Frame transfer (EM)CCD – no mechanical shutter
  • '2 in 1’ camera – CCD and EMCCD
Important note: The products of Andor Technology are not in stock and can be ordered from the manufacturer on request. Please contact us in advance by email if you would like to place an order.

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iXon Ultra 897 & 888 by Andor Technology

The iXon EMCCD camera series offers a wide range of outstanding features - such as

  • TE vacuum cooling down to -100°C,
  • extremely low noise, and an EM recalibration technology (EMCAL),
  • alongside anti-ageing protection.

Furthermore, Andor’s unique ‘Crop Mode' can be employed to further boost frame rates from a user defined sub-region. The iXon Ultra is currently the most flexible and the most user-friendly EMCCD camera on the market and can be adapted to the requirements of a wide variety of applications with a single click using ‘OptAcquire’.

Additional features of the iXon Ultra include

  • ‘plug and play’ USB connectivity,
  • a lower noise  conventional CCD mode and an additional Camera Link output,
  • offering the unique ability to directly access data for ‘on the fly’ processing, ideally suited for applications such as adaptive optics.

The highly innovative iXon Ultra 888 has a sensor size of 1024 x 1024 and is a back-illuminated EMCCD camera offering single photon sensitivity across a large field of view, at 26 fps.

The iXon Ultra 897 platform takes the popular back-illuminated 512 x 512 frame transfer sensor and overclocks readout to 17 MHz, pushing speed performance to an outstanding 56 fps (full frame), whilst maintaining single photon sensitivity and quantitative stability throughout.

Further information about Andor’s iXON EMCCD cameras can be found on Andor Technology's website.

Typical Applications:

  • Adaptive Optics,
  • Exoplanet Studies,
  • Lucky and Speckle Imaging,
  • Guide Camera,
  • High Time Resolution Astrophysics,
  • Transient Observations

Please note: We offer ANDOR cameras exclusively for astronomical applications and satellite tracking. This is in response to requests from companies, institutes and amateur astronomers to integrate these high-quality special cameras into telescope systems and observing stations.

In case you have further questions, please contact us via kontakt (at)

Please note that additional information and spec sheets are available in the “downloads” section.

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Additional Information

SKU (#) iXon
Application CCD Cameras, Scientific Cameras
Sensor Information
Sensor type BSI CMOS – Back-side illuminated
Sensor Size 13.3 x 13.3 mm (iXon Ultra 888) | 8.2 x 8.2 mm (iXon Ultra 897)
Imaging Features
Monochrom or Color? Monochrome
Read Noise (e- RMS) <1 with EM Gain
A/D Conversion 16 -Bit-A/D-Converter
Peak QE >95%
Ex Trigger In Yes
Ex Trigger Out Yes
Additional Features
Cooling down to -100°C

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