Andor iDus 416 series: a low noise CCD for NIR spectroscopy

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Andor iDus 416 series: a low noise CCD for NIR spectroscopy

# iDus

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  • iDus CCD low noise sensor with high QE up to 95%
  • Back-illuminated sensor for high NIR sensitivity
  • Sensor size of 30 x 3.8mm, with 2000 x 256 pixels
  • Pixel size of 15 µm
  • TE cooling down to -95°C for negligible dark noise
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • Solis software for spectroscopy
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iDus series – the most sensitive NIR CCD platform

Andor’s iDus 416 platform boasts a unique combination of very low dark noise and high QE, offering unrivalled sensitivity in the near-infrared.

This makes it the ideal detector for NIR Raman and Photoluminescence, reducing greatly acquisition times and removing the need for inconvenient LN2 cooling.

  • iDus DV416A-LDC-DD with 3-stage peltier cooling
  • iDus DU416A-LDC-DD with 4-stage peltier cooling

The unique 2000 x 256, 15 µm pixel array allows extended, broadband and high resolution spectral acquisition, while the fringe suppression technology virtually eliminates the optical etalonning at the higher wavelengths. All iDus 416 models can be seamlessly integrated with Andor’s Shamrock spectrographs as well as with spectrographs from other manufacturers.

Further information and more products can be found on Andor Technology's website

Please note: We offer ANDOR cameras exclusively for astronomical applications and satellite tracking. This is in response to requests from companies, institutes and amateur astronomers to integrate these high-quality special cameras into telescope systems and observing stations.

In case you have further questions, please contact us via kontakt (at)

Please note that additional information and spec sheets are available in the “downloads” section.

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Additional Information

SKU (#) iDus
Application Cameras for Spectroscopy, CCD Cameras, Scientific Cameras
Sensor Information
Sensor type BSI CMOS – Back-side illuminated
Sensor Size 30 x 3.8 mm
Pixel Size 15 x 15 μm
Resolution 2000 x 256
Sensor Grade Grade 1
Imaging Features
Monochrom or Color? Monochrome
Read Noise (e- RMS) As low as 4 e-
A/D Conversion 16 -Bit-A/D-Converter
Peak QE >95%
Dark Current (@ -20° C) As low as 0.0006 e-/pixel/sec
Optical Window Fused silica window, ‘VIS-NIR Enhanced’, wedged(AR coated on both sides, optimized at 900 nm)Other broadband UV-NIR options available on request.
Additional Features
Cooling -95°C
Body and Connections
USB Connection USB 2.0

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