Baader Micro Guide eyepiece with Log-Pot illuminator

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Baader Micro Guide eyepiece with Log-Pot illuminator

# 2404300

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  • MicroGuide micrometric crosshair eyepiece incl. Log-Pot Illuminator and Batteries
  • f = 12,5 mm, diversable usage
  • The only micrometric crosshair guiding eyepiece on the market, still being produced with the original GenuineOrtho lens set

Please note: Our micro-guide eyepiece, which has been in production for 35 years, will probably no longer be produced. Reciprocally with the development of astro-electronics, the demand for this eyepiece has decreased over the decades to very small numbers. Only very few observers nowadays still measure with the eye or show their students how to measure at the eyepiece and even fewer perform manual guiding with such a high quality eyepiece. Therefore, production can only be resumed if there is a significant demand. If you are seriously interested in this eyepiece, we would be grateful if you would sign up at our Micro Guide notification list despite its unavailability. It may take up to one year until we will finally notify you, in case the number of interested parties would justify a new production. Thank you for your patience and interest in this unique eyepiece. The amount of such inquiries will tell us in the end, if we may start production again (at higher price though).

In the meantime we may direct your attention to the  Polaris I – Measuring- and Guiding-Eyepiece, 25mm, T-2, illuminated (#2954325 , € 111,-) shown here. If combined with a 2x or 2.25x barlow it will likewise attain ~ 12.5 x focal length, albeit without the measuring but just a guiding recticle. At any rate, the viewing behaiour is much better then, compared to a Plossl 10 mm design. If the Polaris I – Measuring and Guiding-Eyepiece should have too long a focal length for your application, then you can of course change the focal length by using a suitable Barlow lens, or you can decide to use the Celestron CrossAim Reticle Eyepiece 12,5mm (#820459).

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My batteries have become depleted and they didn't have any markings or designations, so I tried the LR44 batteries recommended on your website, but they're too large, please could you make another recommendation for my Micro-Guide eyepiece. Thanks in advance stephen
Question by: stephen birch on Jul 27, 2020 8:15:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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What is the width of the field stop diameter?
What is the width of the apparent field of view?
Thank you for the answers.
Question by: Bruno Cornette on Sep 19, 2020 11:18:00 AM | 1 Answer(s)

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I have the eyepiece and illuminator above. The 2 batteries in the illuminator are dead. Can you tell me what size batteries are required for the illuminator.
The "dead" batteries in mine do not have any identification on then at all.
Best Regards
Question by: Andy Farr on Sep 18, 2018 1:28:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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I already have a micro guide eyepiece 12,5 mm NO 2404300 but the log pot illuminator is broken.
Could I buy a new one without the eyepiece ?
Thanks for your answer.
Question by: PHILIPPE BOUVIER on Jul 30, 2022 9:07:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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Important note: the Baader-MicroGuide is the only micrometric crosshair guiding eyepiece in the market, still being produced with the original GenuineOrtho lens set! This means: perfect sharpness, no ghosting and freedom from distortion across the full field of view - just like the real Ortho-optics design that Carl Zeiss had introduced originally for measuring purposes. The 12.5mm focal length is the ideal combination in regard to high magnification, generous viewing comfort and ample pupil distance.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2404300
EAN Code 4047825012968
Net weight (kg) 0.1150
Eyepiece Series Eudiascopic
Focal Length 12.5 mm (0.49 in)
Barrel Size (in) 1¼"
Optical Design Orthoscopic
Speciality Measurement
Eyepiece Design

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vapourer 180/06/2023 30/06/202322:32
  • Rating:
Sorry that the micro guide is no longer in production
I have owned one of these for a number of years. I landed here because coincidentally I had just been reading up on the micro guide's history etc.
I have just read the comment that the micro guide is no longer in production unless sufficient demand is generated. Well, I have an interest in binary systems and do sometimes use my micro guide for measurement. I find the quality of the eyepiece excellent, of course. However, for anybody remotely considering adding their name to the notify when back in production list, I will add that I use the eyepiece regularly for very accurate polar alignment, i.e. my micro guide is heavily used and I would hate to be without it. Highly recommended.
  • Very accurate tool of quality exactly as described.
  • Nothing
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Jörg Steffan 207/07/2020 26/07/202012:36
  • Rating:
Baader Micro Guide Okular an Variofinder 10x60 adaptieren:
Um das Baader Micro Guide 12.5 mm Okular (#2404300) mit dem Vario-Finder 10x60 verwenden zu können ist ein kleiner Trick notwendig. Da bei dem Micro Guide Okular die Okularblende konstruktionsbedingt weiter hinten (Richtung Okulareinblick) liegt, als z. B. bei den Morpheus Okularen, ist der Auszug des Vario-Finders zu lang, um auch noch „Unendlich“ fokussieren zu können. Wenn man aber das Micro Guide Okular mit der Q-Barlow Linse (#2956185) kombiniert, indem man das Linsenelement der Barlow-Linse in das Filtergewinde des Okulars einschraubt, kann man wieder „Unendlich“ fokussieren und hat noch den Vorteil einer um ca. Faktor 1,3-fach stärkeren Vergrößerung.
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Thomas 17/01/2020 18/01/202020:01
  • Rating:
Messfeldokular orthoskopisch 1.25" beleuchtet mit 45° Gesichtsfeld
Das Messfeldokular von Baader stand schon lange auf meiner Wunschliste. Aber erst nach Erwerb der Ausrüstung für die Sonnenbeobachtung habe ich es erworben. Es soll zur Durchmessung von Sonnenflecken an meinem Refraktor eingesetzt werden. Dem Okular liegt eine ausführliche Anleitung in Deutsch und Englisch bei und diese zeigt verschiedene Anwendungsmöglichkeiten gut verständlich auf. Für mich eine klare Kaufempfehlung für ernsthafte Beobachtungen.
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Torsten 39/02/2019 09/02/201915:19
  • Rating:
Sehr gute Qualität
Ich gebe zu ... ich liebe Ortho-Okulare und besitze einige davon. Ein besonderes Schmuckstück ist seit bald 15 Jahren das Messokular. Positionsmessung eines Sterns ... Bestimmung des wahren Gesichtsfeldes ... Bestimmung der exakten Brennweite eines Teleskops ... all das und noch viel mehr ist möglich.
Selbst nach so langer Zeit ist der After-Sales bei Baader hervorragend. Mir ging die Anleitung abhanden ... ein Mail und ich habe innerhalb von 24 Stunden eine PDF-Kopie erhalten. Top!
  • Exakte und qualitativ hochwertige, auf Langlebigkeit zielende Verarbeitung.
  • Die Beleuchtungseinheit ist nicht ganz so langlebig wie das Okular
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