17,5 mm Morpheus® 76° widefield eyepiece

17,5 mm Morpheus® 76° widefield eyepiece

# 2954217

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  • Full field sharpness: The ultra-sharp 76° undistorted flat field is unsurpassed by any other modern wide field eyepiece. Also on-axis sharpness and contrast rivals our best, ever released planetary eyepieces, the Zeiss Abbe ZAO I & II.
  • Long Eye Relief and optimized for bino-viewing:  ~ 20mm of eye relief provides that famous spacewalk feeling, incredibly impressive with bino and both eyes.
  • Hard aluminium alloy with industrial quality UV-stabilized anodizing surrounds a set of 8 lenses with one ED- and two Lanthanum elements.
  • 2" and 1¼" nosepiece: integrated into one eyepiece of 55mm max outer diameter, supports bino-viewing even for kids.
  • Photo-Video Adaption: Like their Hyperion siblings, all Morpheus eyepieces make superb imaging projection optics with the M43 photo/video-thread
  • The Morpheus 17.5 mm is the only eyepiece of the Morpheus series that is not parfocal to the rest of the series. It requires 2.5 mm infocus.>/li>

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I own a new Stellarvue SVX 130T f7 refractor. I am interested in your Morpheus eyepiece lineup. Will these eyepieces be able to produce a flat field of view with sharp stars from edge to edge in an f7 instrument? I think the Morpheus eyepieces are brilliantly engineered. Thanks. Davis.
Question by: Davis on Feb 27, 2022 4:28:00 AM | 1 Answer(s)

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What is the waterproof XP (e.g. XP6, 7 or 8) rating of the Morpheus eyepieces? Are they inert gas purged?

If I use the 17.5mm Morpheus in a 500 mm spotting scope which accepts 1.25" barrel eyepieces, is it approx. 21x (500 / 17.5 = 21x) or is 17,5mm determined for the 2" barrel?

Question by: Andrew Falconar on Jul 28, 2023 4:21:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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Can you kindly tell me what accessories I'd need to purchase in order to use a Morpheus 76 deg eyepiece with a Canon EOS Rebel SL3 (250D) DSLR? Thank you!
Question by: Greg on Nov 28, 2021 2:56:00 AM | 1 Answer(s)

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William "Bill" Paolini has been actively involved in optics and amateur astronomy for more than 50 years, and is author of the popular book: Choosing and Using Astronomical Eyepieces

17.5mm Morpheus® Review

We appreciate the positive feedback we have received so far. With 3 years of additional development time - the Morpheus 17.5mm was also the most elaborate eyepiece project we had ever started.
A detailed Morpheus 17.5mm test report has now been published by William Paolini in the most popular astro forums. We are very happy about his extremely positive conclusion and would like to quote the following line:

The latest Baader addition to the Morpheus eyepiece line up comes across to my eye like they saved the best for last.

In general the comments on the Morpheus 17.5 and the improvements to the complete eyepiece series (new eyecups with integrated metal threaded ring, index clip, etc.) in the popular forums are quite positive. We would like to pick out the following forum post / test report: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/609523-baader-morpheus-175mm-televue-delos-173mm-user-impressions/

Morpheus with luminescent lettering on Baader APO
Morpheus with luminescent lettering lying in the Grass
Morpheus-eyepieces with intense luminescent lettering A short lightstroke with a flashlight will have the main letters shine for up to three minutes in bright luminescence. Hence - even in total darkness - Morpheus-eyepieces can be easily identified when lost on the ground.

BAADER Morpheus 76° widefield eyepieces

Visual / Photo and Video – High-end for your telescope

The eyepiece is half the optics of a telescope - and when trying to use the optical system to its limits even good middle class eyepieces are becoming the limiting factor. Morpheus® eyepieces provide a sharp image right to the edge of the (true) 76° field of view. The brightness and richness of contrast offers a new dimension in eyepiece design. These eight-lens eyepieces with Phantom Coating® Group excel at planetary observation as well as deep-sky objects - especially when serving as photographic projection eyepieces due to their flat field design.

All Morpheus® wide-field eyepieces with 4.5 to 17.5 mm focal length form the perfect complement to your low magnification eyepieces. Even at highest magnification, each Morpheus® eyepiece does provide a larger field of view than what is claimed for by many eyepieces with over 80 degrees of apparent field of view. The absence of distortion in the eyepiece enables you to oversee the full field at once and to easily find the best viewing position, while enjoying a spacewalk feeling unmatched by others. You will see deep sky objects wonderfully embedded into their stellar surroundings. In addition, the large, sharp field of view gives you much more viewing time on non-motorized (Dobsonian) telescopes without touching the telescope and w/o changing the eyepiece. All Morpheus® eyepieces feature both 1.25" and 2" nosepieces without the much hated undercuts. Still all Morpheus® eyepieces are perfectly safe against slipping due to their multitude of individual Safety-Kerfs cut into the barrels. The 2" nosepiece is integrated into the eyepiece body which saves about 21 mm in focus travel. This becomes especially useful with ultra low focal plane (visual Newtonian) telescopes. And for many other scopes it does eliminate the need for a 2 "/ 1¼" reducer adapter.

Due to their shape, design and low weight, the Morpheus® eyepieces are the best eyepieces to use in a binoviewer. No other eyepiece series has been designed consistently for this use, while offering the same (true) field angle, minimized vignetting and providing a 55 mm outer housing diameter throughout, to allow binoviewing even for children with just 55 mm interpupillary distance. The slim outer body has been made as small as possible, without any metal added simply for look or feel. The "eye-lens-group" is sized so very large, to make the viewing behavior totally stress-less. Even at too large a viewing distance the object remains visible - a feature very appreciated by public observatories with lots of untrained visitors. You will not find an eyepiece that gives a better "space-float effect". Especially when using both eyes, the edge of the field of view virtually disappears, creating that famous spacewalk-feeling - like "floating in space".

Just like the modular Hyperion® eyepiece series with 68° field of view, the 76° Morpheus® eyepiece series is also especially suitable for photography. The distortion is even lower than in the Hyperion® eyepieces, despite the larger field of view. The M43/T-2 Photo/Video adapter ring(# 2958080) fits onto all Morpheus® eyepieces. With this optional M43/T-2 connector, you can use virtually any DSLR or system camera for classic eyepiece projection through the established system of T-2 bayonet rings and attach the eyepiece instead of a lens at the correct projection distance in front of the camera. For the so-called afocal eyepiece projection, an M43/SP54 extension ring (# 2954251) is also available, opening up to a world of SP54 camera-lens step up/step-down rings (Hyperion® DT-rings) . With this system of rings any Morpheus® eyepiece can be mounted so closely onto the front lens of a large photo-objective that the eyelens of the eyepiece and the camera front lens almost make contact - but just almost! Exactly this precise distance control allows for good illumination of the camera sensor during afocal projection.

A detailed guide to the full wealth of photographic application methods - also for video and planetary imaging can be found here.

Large scope of supply:

  • Metal / Rubber eyecup: The folding rubber eyecup now comes with an integral M43 threaded metal ring (this accounts for the complete line of Morpheus-eyepieces). The threaded attachment enables the eyecup to stay soft and compliant, while keeping the eyecup securely attached to the eyepiece while folding it up or down.
  • M43/M43 extension: all Morpheus eyepieces now include the M43 extension #2954250. It is used for optimizing the position of the eyecup in setting the personal viewing position as well as for adapting a camera with M43-thread (eg. Sony / Panasonic). In addition this extension serves also as clamping surface for smartphone holders
  • Eyepiece-Holster: Not enough space at the telescope? The pouch does not only protect the eyepiece – you can even use it as a belt pouch or attach it to your tripod.
  • Focal-Length Indicator-Clips: these stainless steel clips can be attached e.g. to the eyepiece holster and one or more of the little indicator fingers is bent upward - according to the focal length used. In this way the user experiences a taktile ("braille"-equivalent) sensation, being able to identify each eyepiece without looking and without using a flashlight
  • Winged Eyecup: Soft and compliant rubber-eyecap with foldable side shield. Provides the ultimate comfort and exclusion of stray light necessary for binoviewing with eyeglasses
  • 10-page manual: a manual with many application examples and a list of optional accessories (similar to the Hyperion manual) is included (also under Tab "Downloads")

All Morpheus® Highlights in an Overview

The Morpheus 76° eyepiece family
Die Morpheus® 76° Okularfamilie
Morpheus Scope of Supply
Scope of supply (included items):

Optical Features

  • Full Field Sharpness: The sharp, flat 76° field is unsurpassed by any other modern wide field eyepiece.  On-axis sharpness and contrast rivals the Zeiss Abbe II eyepieces, while delivering nearly equivalent performance over the full field. Stars remain diamond pinpoints as you move away from center, and the field remains flat and in focus, even in short focus telescopes.
  • Long Eye Relief: Morpheus® pushes the envelope of comfortable wide field viewing further than ever before, delivering close to 20mm of eye relief along with best-in-class optical performance. Eyeglass wearers can comfortably take in the full field, and users of Binoviewers will find that Morpheus® are the ultimate eyepieces for viewing with two eyes.
  • Low Distortion: The highly sophisticated optical design delivers exceedingly low distortion (angular magnification distortion). Planets and lunar features retain their shapes as they transit the field and the true field sizes match the theoretical value. Many companies exaggerate at this point and deliberately use off axis distortion magnification as a means to advertize blown "apparent" field sizes . You will be able to compare this given field size of 76° and find it to be the true value, calculated from the apparent field size and focal length.
  • Immersive Views: As avid observers ourselves, we have studied the behaviors of most commonly available wide field eyepieces and listened to other observers comments on what eyepieces give the most palpable and engaging wide field viewing experience. What we found is that the subjective ‘spacewalk’ feeling is not just a function of field of view. Interestingly, some wide-field eyepieces with fields of 82 degrees failed to deliver the same viewing experience as others with similar fields, or even some with smaller fields. We found two additional primary factors played into the equation – Eye Relief (and the related large eye lens size) and Ease of Viewing (a combination of long eye relief and control of pupil aberrations). We also found that fields much below 74 degrees tended to have a reduced effect. So, with this information in hand, we set out to design the Morpheus® series with a field of view of 76° that met all of the other optical parameters necessary to deliver a truly "immersive" viewing experience where the eyepiece essentially disappears. 
  • Phantom Coating® Group:  Pioneered in the Hyperion® lineup, the Phantom Group Multi-coatings have been further optimized for use in the Morpheus®  and index-matched to each of the different glasses.
  • Optimized Internal Baffling: As with all Baader Planetarium eyepieces, the internal mechanicals have been fully ray-traced and baffled to eliminate the effects of stray-light and reflections.
Imaging with Morpheus eyepieces
Imaging / eyepiece-projection: showing Morpheus® eyepiece on 2" Diamond-Steeltrack focuser w. optional adapters – for instance for mounting a DSLR-camera on the M43 photo-video adapter thread.

Mechanical Features

  • Optimized for Binoviewing: Every last bit of space has been squeezed out of the main body to minimize its size, giving maximum nose clearance for binoviewing.
  • Weight reduction: Every effort has been made to eliminate unnecessary weight - especially in view of effective binoviewing. The weight of all Morpheus® eyepieces essentially are the lenses inside plus the best protection and water resistance we can supply.
  • Fotografie: Morpheus an Baader APO
    Foldable eyecup threaded onto M43-thread of the included M43 extension
    Foldable Eyecups: The round folding rubber eyecup incorporates an integral M43 threaded metal attachment ring. This threaded attachment enables the eyecup to be soft and compliant, while keeping the eyecup securely attached to the eyepiece when folded or extended. The second included special winged version provides the ultimate comfort and exclusion of stray light necessary for binoviewing with eyeglasses. These eyeguards have been developed to provide the optimal comfort and eye spacing for most users and eye glass wearers. The eyeguards also protect the M43-thread which is used for adapting a camera, as described on the back of this brochure. The M43-extension can be used for setting the eye relief as well as for adapting a camera.
  • Safety Features: The 1¼" and 2" Barrels of each Morpheus incorporate our Slip-Protect Safety-Kerfs. The ideal safety compromise between smooth barrels and wide undercuts. The numerous shallow kerfs give additional grip and security from inadvertent drops from smooth sided barrels, without the annoying problems sometimes caused by traditional wide undercuts. Wide waffle-patterned rubber grip ring gives an extra measure of handling security.
  • Luminescent Labeling: The labeling glows in a soft green, if the eyepiece has been in the light for some time, or if it has been illuminated directly with a flashlight. This allows you to recognize immediately which focal length you have in your hand – even in the darkest night. 
  • Belt pouch: Not enough space at the telescope? The pouch does not only protect the eyepiece – you can even use it as a belt pouch or attach it to your tripod.
  • Photo-Video Adaptation: Like their Hyperion siblings, all Morpheus eyepieces make superb imaging projection optics. Each Morpheus includes a hidden M43 photo-video eye lens thread that permits use of our extensive range of Hyperion Digital T-Rings. These rings permit direct-thread attachment of practically any imaging device for the ultimate in rigidity and close-coupling for minimal vignetting.
Morpheus folding rubber eyecups
The folding rubber eyecups of Morpheus eyepieces

Furhter information, image results...

Baader Blogpost:
The eyepiece series from Baader Planetarium

Baader Blogpost:
The camera at the eyepiece

Baader Blogpost:
Barlow lenses, their magnification factors and working distances

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2954217
EAN Code 4047825030313
Net weight (kg) 0.38
Eyepiece Series Morpheus
Focal Length 17,5 mm
Apparent Field of View 76°
Eye Relief (mm) 23 mm
AR-Coating Phantom Coating® Group
Parfocal Eyepieces No
Special Features Photo-luminescent engraving: lets you find the correct eyepiece at all times
Barrel Size (in) 1¼", 2"
Optical Design Wide Angle
Speciality Eyepiece projection: classical
Eyepiece Design
Field Stop Diameter 23,55 mm
Field Stop Displacement to reference plane + 2,5 mm
Number of Lens Elements 8
Number of Groups 5
Backfocus gain w. 2“ Barrel (mm) 21 mm
Slip Protect Safety Safety Kerfs
Eyepiece Body above Reference Plane (mm) 77,5 mm
Length of 1¼" barrel (mm) 24 mm
Length of 2" barrel (mm) 21 mm
Outer Diameter 55 mm
Outer Connection (eyepiece/-camera-sided) M43
Inner Connection (lens sided) M28.5
Outer Connection (lens sided) ø 1¼" (31.75 mm), ø 2" (50.8mm)
Camera Thread M43
Threaded for filters Yes
Included Items
Dustcaps 1¼" dustcap (31,8mm), 2" dustcap (46.5mm - fits over eyecup), 2" dustcap (49mm)
Eyecups rubber/metal, folding eyecup with M43 thread, winged eyecup (M43)
Included Accessories Cordura eyepiece holster for fast access, Focallength Indicator-Clip, M43/M43 extension
Optional Accessories Baader Utility Bag #2954201 for small accessories

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Michael 254/09/2023 12/09/202319:39
  • Rating:
Angenehmes Einblickverhalten und komfortabler Augenabstand
Ich verwende zwei 12,5mm Ultraweitwinkel-Okulare an meinem Großfernglas und suchte nach weiteren Brennweiten und Herstellern, um verschiedene Vergrößerungen nutzen zu können. Einige wenige Okulare kamen dabei nicht in den Fokus des Großfernglases und andere wiederum waren mir persönlich zu dick. Besonders bei der beidäugigen Beobachtung ist es mir wichtig, dass die Nase noch bequem zwischen den Okularen Platz findet und auch die griffige Gummierung nicht zu intensiv nach Gummi riecht. Während des Testens von diversen Okularen achtete ich auch auf das Einblickverhalten und den Augenabstand. Viele Modelle erfüllten zwar meine Anforderungen, aber irgendwie blieb ich bei den Morpheus-Okularen hängen.

Das scheinbare 76°-Gesichtsfeld der Morpheus ist zwar nicht ganz so weit wie das der Ultraweitwinkel-Okulare, aber sie bieten mir ebenfalls ein angenehmes Einblickverhalten und tolles Space-Walk-Gefühl. Sie überzeugten mich auch in Schärfe und Kontrast, insbesondere das 17,5mm Okular. Aufgrund meiner positiven Erfahrungen am Großfernglas haben wir auch im Verein einige Morpheus-Okulare angeschafft. Das angenehme Einblickverhalten der Morpheus-Okulare in Verbindung mit ihrem komfortablen Augenabstand erleichtert auch den unerfahrenen Besuchern der Volkssternwarte das Beobachten der Himmelsobjekte.

Während die Besucher bei manchen Okularen gelegentlich Probleme mit dem richtigen Einblick hatten und sich dafür Zeit nehmen mussten, klappt das Finden der optimalen Einblickposition bei den Morpheus recht schnell. Praktisch finde ich auch die zwei Größen der Okular-Steckhülse. An meinem Großfernglas setze ich die Morpheus in den 1,25-Zoll Helicalfokussierer ein und bei den Teleskopen der Volkssternwarte ohne Reduzierstück direkt an den 2-Zoll-Okularauszügen. Auch die fluoreszierende Beschriftung ist beim Okularwechsel hilfreich, da sie mir das Auffinden im Dunkeln erleichtert.

Aufgrund meiner durchweg positiven Erfahrungen sowohl am Großfernglas als auch an den Teleskopen der Volkssternwarte kann ich die Morpheus-Okulare uneingeschränkt empfehlen.
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Bernd 153/06/2023 03/06/202318:57
  • Rating:
sehr gute Qualität
für meine Zwecke, visuelle Beobachtung und Fotografie von Nebeln und Galaxien hat J. Baader mir exakt das richtige Okular empfohlen. Ich bin rundherum sehr zufrieden
  • sehr gute Verarbeitungsqualität u. hervorragende optische Leistung
Show more comments (-5) Hide comments
Alex J 26/01/2023 27/01/202309:02
  • Rating:
Wunderbares Okular für Planeten
Ich verwende dieses Okular an meinem f/14.3 Maksutov auf einer manuellen Alt/Az Montierung. Bei ca 114x Vergrößerung ist es wunderbar die großen Planeten (Saturn, Jupiter) über das Bildfeld wandern zu sehen und Details in der Struktur der Planeten zu entdecken. Randscharf und ohne Verzerrung. Ich vermisse meine Orthos nicht, das Morpheus bietet einen viel besseren Beobachtungskomfort
  • Bauweise, optische Schärfe und Kontrast
Show more comments (-5) Hide comments
Jeff 118/04/2019 29/04/201907:11
  • Rating:
17.5mm Morpheus and Televue 17.3mm
Ordered your 17.5mm Morpheus and also the Televue 17.3mm. Delos. After doing a comparison in my 406mm / f5.2 scope, I sent the Televie Delos back for a refund. The Morpheus was so close it was hard to see any difference. I quickly ordered a 12.5mm Morpheus and have been also very happy with its performance. Baader has developed a quality optic at a very cost effective price point.
Show more comments (-5) Hide comments
Christoph Kaltseis 182/07/2018 02/07/201813:02
  • Rating:
Morpheus 17,5mm
Gestern Nacht (5. 2. 2018) habe ich das Morpheus 17.5mm das erste Mal testen können und auch Bilder mit der Nikon DF (Vollformat) gemacht. Seeing medium. Das Okular ist spitze! Die neue Version der Augenmuschel SUPER!!!
Das Feld ist wunderbar, sehr gute Schärfe und hoher Kontrast und so hatte ich einen Festplatz in der Mondfähre!!!
  • Alles, dabei das Preis / Leistung Verhältnis und die Fotografie Möglichkeiten!
  • nichts
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