GM 2000 QCI –

Albert van Duin

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Dear Mr. Risch,

At the moment I am testing the new QSI firmware and it seems to be working very well. The satellite tracking is working absolutely great. On my first attempt I was able to make a 1 second exposure of an Ariane5 rocket stage. Enclosed is a picture I made with a FSQ106 and my QSI583 CCD, 1 second exposure.

With my 10″ F/15 Opticon SCT and 150x magnification, the satellites are always in the field of view after a GOTO! Incredible!

pdf GM 2000 QCI - Kundenurteil von Albert van Duin

I also attached an image of IC443 made with my ASA 8″F/2,8 Astrograph and QSI583wsg CCD and 7nm H-Alphafilter on the 10Micron GM2000. 10 exposures of 20 minutes each at -30°C were made last Monday evening, processed with 10 darks and 20 flats in ImagesPlus.

Best regards, Albert van Duin

UPDATE 12.10.2012:

The mount is still working great. Last Sunday night I made 14 exposures of 10 minutes each with my ASA 20cm F/2.75 and QSI583wsg with Astronomik 7nm H-alpha filter. The PEC was trained, and I used PHD autoguiding and an off axis Lodestar auto guider.
I went to sleep during the exposures, and so did the auto guider… When I woke up, the auto guider had lost the guide star, and after processing I could determine there was a declination drift after 2 hours 20 minutes.
Still each individual frame was looking good, so I made a stack an the result is in the attachment. You can see the noise bands caused by the drift on the right and bottom of the image.
Even though it is not a HPS mount, I was surprised by the tracking quality. If I get a better polar alignment, I might stop using autoguiding for the ASA.