GM 1000 HPS –

Mark Zaslove

Testbericht zur GM1000 HPS im amerikanischen Magazin “Astronomy Technology Today” (Englisch):pdf GM 1000 HPS - customer review by Mark Zaslove

MountOkay, before I begin, let me state twothings: One, the 10Micron GM 1000 HPSmount is as good as or better than anythingout there. It is truly an upper-echelonmount. Period. It’s all svelte Italian preci-sion coupled with bang-for-buck perform-ance. Plus, for the price of admission, youget absolute encoders (more on why that’scool, when financially worthwhile, later). Two, guided or unguided imaging isabout getting good shots, and either wayworks…if done right. Doing it right in-volves all the variables coming together:mount; scope; camera; modeling or not;guidescope or not; etc. It’s a whole, not apart. There is no right or wrong to guidingor not guiding. But isn’t it cool if you can dogreat imaging with less gear, not more? … » gesamten Testbericht lesen