Andor sCMOS Cameras for Adaptive Optics Wavefront Sensing (Beitrag von Andor Technology)

Andor sCMOS cameras represent ideal choices for Adaptive Optics Wavefront Sensing, due to the highly parallel pixel readout process that results in exceptionally fast frame rate capability, coupled with low read noise and high QE for optimal signal to noise ratio under conditions of short exposures.

Read more about the three models from the Andor sCMOS range that show particular suitability to wavefront sensing: Marana 4.2B-6 (with CoaXpress interface), Zyla 4.2 PLUS (with CameraLink interface), Balor 17F (with CoaXpress interface).

In Part 1 we will consider the potential frame rate performance in further detail, considering Region of Interest (ROI) capability. In Part 2, we will consider relative latency between the models, an important consideration for adaptive optics usage, as it dictates when images are ready in software for processing as part of the closed loop deformable mirror system.

Read more about the sCMOS Cameras for Adaptive Optics – frame rates and latency on Andor Technology's website

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