Baader Flanschkopf für Celestron CGEM-DX- und CGE-Pro-Montierung

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Baader Flanschkopf für Celestron CGEM-DX- und CGE-Pro-Montierung

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Können Sie mir den Durchmesser angeben sowie was für Bohrungen wo sind?
Stefan Lewandowski
Frage von: Stefan Lewandowski am 19.06.2020 21:32:00 | 1 Antwort(en)

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Hallo, passt der Flansch auch für die CGE (also ohne M oder -Pro)?
Frage von: Hans am 17.10.2023 14:39:00 | 1 Antwort(en)

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Hersteller Baader Planetarium
Artikelnummer (#) 2451116
EAN Code 4047825027757
Nettogewicht (kg) 2.01
Stativ, Säule oder Flansch? Flansch
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pjansen 39/02/2020 09/02/202013:38
  • Sterne:
CGE-PRO adapter
I decided I wanted to build a permanent pier in my garden for my CGE-PRO mount. When searching for an adapter plate I came across multiple versions. At the end, they all look very similar. However, this one from Baader stood out to me for the following reasons.
The biggest plus for me is that this adapter plate has an anodized finish. This makes it more weather and scratch resistant then bare aluminum. Also important, the black anodized finish matches the CGE-PRO color perfectly.
The machining done on the adapter is very good. Al surfaces are very smooth.
The CGE-PRO mount housing fits nicely over the adapter plate. The mount needs to be secured with three UNC 3/8-16 bolts.
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Rowal 216/08/2019 05/08/201911:06
  • Sterne:
Not what I expected but came ot great
I had bought a used eq8 pier-tripod and needed an adapter for my cgem dx mount head. I was just about to order the cgem adapter when i saw this, even though there was no image intookna chance and bougth this one.
I got the package and it was heavy.. I took me a little time to figure out what actually was in the package...
One i figured that out i drilled suitable holes in the eq8 pier tripod top plate and attached the adapter, then I had to temove the top section of the cgem dx tripod and attach it to the cgem dx mont head and finally attach the mount head on the adapter. Very sturdy result and it looks nice the total height is lower the with the cgem dx tripod, a bit heavier but smaller :) I had to reuse the screws from the cgem dx tripod to attach everything to the adapeter, the requires an allen key. It would be nice to have icluded with the adapter a set of screws with wings or similar arrangment to allow for tightening by hand :)
  • massive adapter
  • should include a set of wingnuts to allow to attach the cgem dx mounthead flange
Thanks for your kind review and thus for bringing the fact to our attention, that this product was still missing an image. We've changed that now.
As for your suggestion: we will consider the wingnuts - however we didn't deem them necessary since most people will mount this only once and not remove it afterwards.
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2 Artikel

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