The new BAADER AstroSolar™ Safety Film (optical density 3.8 and 5.0)

A New Standard in Solar Filters (review in Sky&Telescope 9/2000)

Baader Planetarium is proud to present a new safety film for solar observation. It is made for the construction of high-quality objective-filters for observing the sun with telescopes, binoculars, camera or video-lenses. This foil is CE-tested and reduces the intensity of sunlight by 99.999% (optical density 5.0).

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 Baader AstroSolar - overview
Technical Information

 How to Make Your Own Objective Solar Filters for Binoculars, Cameras or Telescopes for Visual and Photographic Use

 How to Make Your Own Objective Solar Filters for Binoculars, Cameras or Telescopes for Visual and Photographic Use (ATTENTION, this is for a ND 3.8 ND Photo-Film!)

Do not use our AstroSolar Filters if you do not feel well informed about the possible consequences of incorrect use!
Short Technical Description /Certifications
Baader Planetariums AstroSolarTM safety film is a specially manufactured streak- and blisterfree foil. It attains the optical performance of planeparallel glass filters. The base material is not "Mylar"!. The basic development of this film was made in laboratories for nuclear- and particle physics.

High density coatings on both sides of the foil ensures a highly uniform filtering, while neutralizing the occasional miscroscopic holes in the coating. The image of the sun is extremely contrasty and of almost neutral colour.

The coating of the foil is subject to constant quality control. Its reflective property of over 99.999% has been tested by a German Republic bureau of standards and conformity with EU norm 89/686 is certified with the CE-symbol. We deliver AstroSolarTM safety film in sheets of 20x29.5 cm. For larger requirements, such as instruments with larger aperture or high-volume orders, it may be obtained in rolled sheets of 100 x 50 cm (approx. 4 Sq.Ft).

Here you may order (or first have a look to our international distributors in the USA, UK, France and Italy for saving expensive airfreight charges, import duties a.s.f).

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AstroSolarTM Safety film Quantity Unit price in Euro Amount
Safety Film OD = 5,0
(100x50 cm / 39x20 inch)

EUR 75,-

Safety Film OD = 5,0
(29x20 cm / 11x8 inch)

EUR 25,-

NEW! The big-size Safety Film OD = 5,0
(117x117 cm / 47x47 inch)

EUR 275,-

Photo Film OD = 3,8
(100x50 cm / 39x20 inch)

SAFETY NOTE: PhotoFilm 3.8 OD is not intended for visual solar observation. Purpose is only for use with Telescopes for high magnification photographic work.

EUR 75,-

Solar-Viewer, made with AstroSolarTM Silver Safety Film
Minimum purchase: EUR 10,-
EUR 3,50
For ordering Solar-Viewer with quantity prices please use the textbox below
Package 1: 10 Solar-Viewer (OD 5)
no shipping charge within the EU
EUR 29,-
Package 2: 25 Solar-Viewer (OD 5)
no shipping charge within the EU
EUR 65,-
Package 3: 100 Solar-Viewer (OD 5)
no shipping charge within the EU
EUR 239,-
Package 4: 10 Solar-Viewer + one piece
A4 AstroSolar film (OD 5)

no shipping charge within the EU

EUR 45,-

Protects your optics day and night:
BAADER Turbofilm™ Telescope Guard
(size 127x50 cm / 50x20 inch)

EUR 29,-

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