APO 180 f/7 Fluorite Apochromat

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APO 180 f/7 Fluorite Apochromat

# 1351080

€ 24,950.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 20,966.39
  • Apochromatic triplet objective
  • clear aperture 7" (180mm), focal length 1260 mm
  • excellent color correction thanks to glass combined with Fluorite as a middle element
  • durable oil spaced lens - Why an oil-spaced triplet-lens?
  • 3.5" Feather Touch Focuser of Starlight Instruments
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APO 180 f/7 Fluorit Apochromat


It could be counted as largest portable telescope. It fits in any car and could be lifted and installed on the mount by one person. Same excellent color correction as in APO160FL.

The APO 180 has number of features that in a given combination are rarely found in one scope:

  • Precision apochromatic objective with modern coating that makes lenses almost invisible.
  • Retractable Dew Shield.
  • Light weight tube assembly.
  • FeatherTouch 360° rotatable focuser with coarse and fine focusing. Collet type eyepiece holder.
  • Collet type eyepiece holder.


Pictures taken with TEC APO 180 FL

Picture: J. Mosch, Object: NEU M27, Accessories: AP GTO 900
M42, M43
Picture: J. Mosch, Object: Jupiter + Ganymed, Accessories: Baader FFC
Picture: J. Mosch, Object: Ganymed, Accessories: Baader FFC
Messier 17
Picture: R. Geissinger, Object: Messier 17, Accessories: Baader Filterset
Pickering´s Triangle
Picture: R. Geissinger, Object: Pickering´s Triangle, Accessories: Baader Filterset


Clear aperture 7" / 180 mm
Focal length 1260 mm
Focal ratio 7.0
Image scale 2.7 arc min/mm
Field curvature 450mm
Resolution (theoretical) 0.66 arc sec
Focuser Feather Touch 3545
Eyepiece holder 2" Collet type
Focusing range 4.5" / 114 mm
One turn focus travel Coarse 21.5 mm / Fine 2.3 mm
Back focus distance 7" / 180 mm
Focuser load capacity 10 lb
Tube assembly diameter 8" / 201 mm
Dew shield dia. 9.2" / 234 mm
TA length (shortest) 45" / 1140 mm
OTA weight 36.5 lb / 16.5 kg
Balance point position 20" from focuser's flange
Lens coatings: Broad band 5 layers antireflection coating (BBAR)

Recommended 0.72x Quad Telecompressor # 140 5373 of Astro Physics


This Reducer/Corrector reduces the focal length of the 180 FL from 1.260 mm to 900 mm and gives you a focal ratio of f/5. For a full frame camera (24 x 36 mm), this results in a field of view of 1.5 x 2.3 degree at an image circle of 50 mm, diffraction limited and free of vignetting.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer TEC
Manufacturer SKU (#) 180 800
SKU (#) 1351080
Optical Design Apochromatic Refractor
Clear Aperture 7" (180mm)
Back Focus Distance 7" (180mm)
Focal Length 1260 mm
Focal Ratio f/7
Optical tube length 45" (1140 mm)
Image Scale 2.7 arcmin / mm
Photographic Resolution 0.66 arc sec
Optical Tube Weight Copy 36.5lb (16.5 kg)
Tube diameter (max) 8" (201 mm)
Focuser Feather Touch 3545

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