Paramount Taurus Equatorial Fork Mount

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Paramount Taurus Equatorial Fork Mount
From: € 25,150.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 21,134.45
  • Paramount origin in an Equatorial Fork Design
  • Paramount Taurus 400 OAE, 500 and 600 include absolute, on axis-Ensoder; Paramount Taurus 400 does not include absolute, on-axis encoders
  • for 17" Optical Tube Assemblies (0,4m) up to 70kg, for 20" Optical Tube Assemblies (0,5m) up to 180kg and for 24" Optical Tube Assemblies (0,6m) up to 180kg
  • Mount disassembles into five separate components
Important note: This product is not available online. If you are interested, please send us a formal inquiry incl. contact data by email. We shall gladly provide a detailed offer.

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From: € 25,150.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 21,134.45

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Paramount Taurus Equatorial Fork Mount of Software Bisque

Paramount Taurus

Paramount origin in an Equatorial Fork Design

  • Model 500/600: 400 lb./180 kg instrument capacity. Model 400:150 lb./70 kg capacity.
  • Mount disassembles into five separate components, each weighing less than 45kg
  • Sub-0.1 arcsecond resolution absolute on-axis encoders ensure optimal performance
  • Integrated azimuth and elevation polar alignment adjustments
  • Fourth-generation control system featuring USB 2.0 computer to mount interface
  • Belt-driven gears with spring-loaded worm interface results in virtually zero backlash
  • Ample space for additional through the mount and fork-routed cabling
  • All standard electronics and through the mount wiring are housed inside the mount
  • Power supply and PC to mount cabling included
  • The SkyX Pro with Add Ons feature ProTrackT, Direct GuideT, Super ModelT, All Sky Image LinkT, Closed Loop Slews, and more!

No stock products Usual delivery time 4-6 weeks, depending on the order situation at Software Bisqu.

Paramount Taurus 500

The image on the left shows a comparison of the sizes of the Taurus 500 with a 0.5m PlaneWave astrograph

Models 500 and 600 are generally delivered with On Axis encoders.

Further technical details and product information are available on the original website of Software Bisque. If you are interested, please send us an email to kontakt (at) or call us.


Applies to all mounts which are controlled by plug connections of hand controllers and / or by plug connections with electronic accessories.

Again and again, we received mounts for repair work, which have malfunctions due to corroded connections. Therefore, the following note:

The plug-in connections at all contact points in astronomical telescopes are generally exposed to humidity and dirt. For the current transmission on such plug-in connections there is often a higher risk of danger due to humidity or corrosion as is ussually the with plug-in connections in the household.

It is advisable to spray the connectors of all cable connections generously with contact spray and then plug in the respective plug several times. In this way, the contact is cleaned and at the same time corrosion and the accumulation of condensation water are prevented. Please do not spray into the socket! In this way, short circuits can be produced if contact liquid is used too generously and runs through electronic components inside the device.

In any case, if there are undefined malfunctions during the electricity or signal transmission, it is first of all advisable to clean the plug-in connections by means of contact spray.


Additional Information

Manufacturer Software Bisque
SKU (#) Paramount_Taurus
Mount Equatorial fork
Palyoad capacity (kg) > 100kg
Control system electronics MKS 5000 dual-axis motion control system
Software TheSky Professional Edition, Camera Add On, TPoint Add On, Dome Add On
Construction CNC machined aluminum solid material, stainless steel
Mounting by a built-in ratcheting system in the wedge
Power Requirements 221W Max, 4.6A, +48V
Weight of Counterweights 10 pounds (4.5 kg)
Counterweight Shaft fork arm counterweight shaft
Bearings 8 in. (20 cm) declination axis
Gear 10 in. (25 cm) 420-tooth aluminum declination gear
Slew Speeds 3.5 degrees per second in both axes
Tracking past meridian up to 6 hours beyond the meridian
Azimuth adjustment Mechanical, rotating push system with plus or minus 2.5° maximum adjustment
Altitude Adjustment ¾ in. threaded adjuster with thrust bearings
All-sky pointing accuracy 10 arcseconds or less with optional on-axis encoders; 20 arcseconds or less without on-axis encoders
Illumination Hand paddle LED

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